Best SEO Practices For E-commerce Product Pages

The struggle for the attention of potential customers and high ranking on search engines is quite obvious due to the over-flooded e-commerce industry. To run a successful e-commerce business, you need to consider many aspects. Do you know how SEO for e-commerce products helps to improve your website? And Why is Ecommerce Product Page Optimization important?

You will be amazed to know that 92 percent of traffic goes to websites that appear on the first page of Google search. SEO optimization can make your invisible website an absolute beast in seconds. SEO for product page optimization is a boon for your website to rank high in search via search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

SEO Statistics

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Here Are Some SEO Strategies For E-Commerce Websites

1. Content Product Page Optimization

Unique Product Description

There are thousands of products on the internet that have a very slight or minor variation. The biggest flaw that many product pages make is creating duplicate product descriptions. With so many similar product descriptions it is difficult to state how your product is going to stand out. Do not lose this opportunity to differentiate your product from others.

Product Features

For Ecommerce product SEO, providing every minute detail about the features of your products plays a very crucial role. A detailed and unique description will save your page from getting lost in nearly thousands of identical pages. You will be able to differentiate your brand and your customers will have a detailed description and clarity of your product.

2. Keyword Research For Ecommerce Product Page 

Keyword Suggestions

Importance Of Relevancy

You must be very clear about how consumers are searching for your product. At the time of keyword research, assuming that the product name will yield the best results can be a big mistake. Lon-tail keywords have their importance. The best thing you can do is to list down every possible name your customer can look for.

Use Buying Intent Keywords

People generally search for products with several search queries including product colors, features, qualities, and value propositions. Consider all these factors before you finalize the keywords. Your keywords must align with what all your shoppers truly want. For product, page optimization adds the keywords based on search volume and competition also.

3. Ecommerce Product Page URL

URL short example

Keep it short

URLs appear right under the title in the search engine that is why they need to be very concise and simple. For eCommerce product page optimization, it is best to include a keyword in your URL. It must be so accurate and clear that tells the consumer exactly what they expect. Clean and Clear.


Strictly avoid product numbers, long and unnecessary URLs, and auto-generated gibberish URLs. It should be so clean and clear that a user can easily remember or recall it. Make use of sub-folders and in case they still get long, trim them. A clear URL will be recognized first.

4. Product Page Title Tags And Meta Descriptions


Specific Title

For product page optimization page titles are big links shown in displayed results. They play a very important role to boost ranking and click-through rates. Providing keywords in the title to optimize the product page SEO. If there are different pages each one must be provided with a unique title.

Unique Description

Although writing a unique product description will not surely increase the rating, but it is among the product page SEO best practices. Unique offerings, discounts, the sale is sure to entice more clicks. Your brand’s USP when described here will attract more click through. Also, use unique descriptions for every page.

5. Product Image Optimization And Video Quality


Use Image Optimization Tool

Image optimization tool is a great tool. It helps you to resize, compress, and optimize your image files. Using the service is as easy as clicking a button! Optimized images are better! They are best suited for web pages, email attachments, or even disk storage. Tiny PNG and an online image compressor are a few examples of such software.

Video Quality

To make your consumers believe that the product will accurately fit into their life, make a video of the product in motion. It results in a better understanding of the product.

Have a look at this video for more clarity on optimizing video quality.

6. Page Speed And Mobile-Friendly Test Mobile Friendly Test

For a remarkable online presence, your website must be mobile-friendly which makes it more accessible. To check whether or not your webpage is mobile-friendly use the link below and test using simple steps. Just type the URL of your page and within a few minutes, you will find how the page looks at a mobile device and mobile usability problems.

Page Speed Test

Page speed insights help you to analyze the content of your webpage and suggest how to make it work faster.

7. Product Reviews

Ecommerce SEO product optimization reviews are best. Some of the customers take a keen interest in writing reviews. This helps new customers to get a better understanding of the product. Keep on reminding your customers to give ratings, pros, and cons.

Ecommerce Product Reviews

8. Similar Product Suggestions

Providing a similar products range will keep on adding your customers and your existing customers will get a variety of similar products to choose from. This is going to enhance product page usability and increase the conversion rate. You can also add frequently bought together and customers also view items. Showing customers your entire range of products in this way gives them plenty of options and provides a hike in your sale.

Similar Ecommerce Product Suggestions

9. Rich Snippets

This technique helps to display the review information directly in SERP. It provides regular search results with additional information. This structured data is contained in HTML or Java scripts that are easy for search engines to understand and use in SERP. They show a rise in overall search results.

Rich Snippets for ecommerce products

10. Breadcrumbs

Once the customers get into the destination, it’s time to provide them with the best. Breadcrumb is an effective tool that helps shoppers quickly browse and locate the products they want to buy. They are generally placed on the top of the page.

Breadcrumbs in ecommerce site

11. Consolidation

Combine Like Product Pages -You may be housing many similar or weak pages if you have similar products across the eCommerce webpage. In case you have 10 or 15 products with the same URL is a sign of a weak product page while when combined, it turns out to be a single strong page.

Consolidation Ecommerce Product Pages

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Product pages optimization has the most landing page potential for your eCommerce site, especially, when you have larger online catalogs. Give it a try and see what these seemingly small changes can do for your site’s health. It is equally important to keep a track of your target phrases, changes, and user performance metrics to know what results have these efforts brought.


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