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Do you own an eCommerce website hosted on Shopify platform? Have you recently launched your store at Shopify? Are you looking for best shopify apps to boost your sales quickly? this article is for you.

Here you will learn about how to integrate Shopify apps to improve the performance of your eCommerce store quickly. Before I share the apps, lets see some interesting facts about Shopify.

Shopify is one of the most popular and easy to use eCommerce platform and if integrated properly, it can boost your eCommerce sales at large extant. There are thousands of Shopify apps available on their official portal which is recommended to use with your store. In this article, we will be discussing about those app which you can use to optimize your eCommerce store for better performance.

It is one of the fastest and easiest way to set up an online store and has convinced thousands of businesses across the globe to use its services. As per builtwith statistics, there are more than 5,495,657 websites using Shopify out of them 3,856,909 are live websites at the moment. Shopify’s total revenue of $1,123.7 million, up 46% year over year as it announced its third-quarter results for 2021. You can do the estimation! Another important thing to note here would be that Shopify merchants are present across 175 countries, making it the most popular shopping solution.

All of this being said, being able to sell is quite different that being able to come up with your online shop. However, Shopify again comes to the help, with more than 7009 useful apps that makes your ecommerce venture more productive. As more and more standalone ecommerce solutions are becoming the game changer in online marketing, Shopify has been able to customize quite a few of them to be easily integrated into your shopping website. They range from email marketing (MailChimp), accounting tools (QuickBooks Online) to CRM and Salesforce related tool. Cloud ready, intelligently designed, cost effective and portable, these apps will be able to bring together clients, customers and the business on an operational level. App integration with Shopify is a simple process, saves a lot of time, eliminates data duplicates/related errors, offers smarter insights, makes apps customizable, and makes selling smarter.

Here are 12 such Shopify apps become widely popular among Shopify users in the recent months:

Best Shopify Apps

Please note that, the list of these apps are from all different categories like shopping feed, SEO, product upsell and so on. Here we have tried to include app based on our experience working as a digital marketing consultant for an eCommerce clients. This list will be updated periodically.

#1 Google Shopping Feed

Google shopping ads can be your best source of traffic once you launch an ecommerce store. Shopify is offering their own shopping feed app but if you are looking to optimize the shopping ads campaign in Google ads, this shopify app has lot more features to offer.

The developers of this shopify app has worked with over 150 plus store and based on their vast experience, they developed this app to solve all different problems associated with shopping feeds and Google ads campaign creation. Some of the most interesting features are:

  • You can submit all product variations
  • It can instantly sync with Google merchant center
  • Allow you to optimize shopping feed products title and descriptions
  • You can create promotion feed for all or a specific product from this app
  • The interface is very easy to use

I personally liked this app because of their support! yes, their support is very prompt and their team is having very good knowledge of Google shopping ads. They will not only help you to fix feed related issues but also will help you to optimize the Google shopping ads campaign.

#2 Bundles Upsell | PickyStory

One of the best ways to improve your ROI is to increase your average order value (AOV). In other words, to generate as much revenue as possible from each visitor who comes to your store. PickyStory helps you do just that, by presenting your customers with bundles and deals throughout your store to entice them to add more products to their cart.

With PickyStory, you can create Bundles of products that are frequently bought together, and display these on your existing product pages. You can also let customers pick and choose their own products with PickyStory’s Bundle Builder deal, or use Kits to offer tiered pricing and encourage customers to buy in bulk.

PickyStory also lets you create a shoppable gallery of Looks, and has pop-up and in-cart upsell options. If you are looking to sell packs of products as a single product in your store, PickyStory offers that too, with Combo Products. Plus, your inventory is synced with Shopify at SKU level and correctly managed for all individual products you include in Combos (and all other deals).

One of Shopify’s biggest limitations is the inability to stack discount codes at the checkout. With PickyStory, you can stack a coupon (created in the PickyStory app) with a product deal discount, making it easy for your customers to spend more and save more.

All PickyStory deals can be fully customized to suit your brand’s styling, and the app is auto-compatible with all themes. You don’t even need any coding skills to use the app – deals are created with clicks and added to your pages simply by dragging and dropping onto the desired location, which could be product pages, a collection, the cart, your homepage, or almost any other page in your store.

  • Developer – PickyStory
  • Reviews & Ratings – 210+ reviews (5 star rating)
  • Price – Free trial available, paid plans from $14.50 / month

#3 SEO Image Optimizer

Developed by Booster Apps, SEO Image Optimizer for Shopify is an all time favorite with more than 4000 reviews and nearly 1 million images processed with it. Using this app, sellers can turn their product images into SEO marketing tools and expect an improved rank in Google SERP. The app gets installed in just 30 seconds and will require zero coding knowledge.

  • Developer – Booster App
  • Reviews & Ratings – 4300+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – Free Forever

#4 Free Shipping Bar

Shipping fee has always been a surprise for most online consumers and this is also where most shopping carts are abandoned. This app integration is however targeted to increase you overall order values and thereby boost sales. The ‘free shipping’ bar featuring on your product page will allow customers to gain more confidence and according to latest reports, free shipping enhances online purchases by more than 88%. The “Free Shipping Bar” is completely customizable and can display several kinds of messages including “free shipping above $50” or “Free shipping across Canada”. The app is completely optimized and also helps in geo targeting.

  • Developer – Hextom
  • Reviews & Ratings – 8800+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#5 Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program

The concept of loyalty program is about offering special rewards (discounts and cash backs) to regular customers. Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program app will add points with every buy that a customer makes and allow it to be redeemed against free products. This will also more likely encourage repeat purchases. You can customize the loyalty points for purchases made, referrals done, social shares by customers, new account registration, birthday bonuses, social follows, and other types of weekly rewards.

  • Developer – Sweet Tooth
  • Reviews & Ratings – 3300+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#6 Plug in SEO

If your ecommerce store is having problems and issues with search engine optimization, Plug in SEO would be an app worth trying. On installation, the app will check your SEO performance, analyze SEO data and offer suggestions for improvement. This will include issues with page titles, product headings, Meta descriptions, structure of blog posts, uniqueness of content, loading speed, image optimization and much more. The instruction for improvements is also followed by code snippets that can be integrated into your Shopify admin to power up your SEO.

  • Developer – Plug in Useful
  • Reviews & Ratings – 2000+ Reviews (4.7 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#7 Upsell on Exit & Visit

A last minute special offer will always ensure that a shopping cart is not abandoned and the customer will come back for a repeat purchase. The same applies when a potential customer is visiting an online shopping platform for the first time. Using pop-ups, this Upsell on Exit & Visit will display coupons for free shipping, special discounts, special prices, added gifts and other informational / promotional messages. Upselling strategies like this have been helping several Shopify businesses reach maximum revenue targets from their eCommerce Store. The app comes with an insightful editor and can be thoroughly customized. Embedded code snippets will ensure that the cart is calculated automatically.

  • Developer – SpurIT
  • Reviews & Ratings – 500+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#8 Email Collection Bar by Hextom

Email marketing is a crucial means of lead generation of any online sellers. The bigger the subscription base, the more leads can a business hope to generate through special emails and promotional campaigns. Well, Email Collection Bar app comes up with an email collection banner and visitors can expect discount coupons on providing a valid email address. The email is automatically synced with your MailChimp / Klaviyo / Soundest database and you also have an option of exporting it to a CSV file. The app also offers advanced geo targeting and you can choose to set bars for visitors from specific countries. Sellers can hope to integrate this app with zero coding knowledge and seek unlimited number of impressions.

  • Developer – Hextom
  • Reviews & Ratings – 500+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#9 Better Coupon Box [Not Working]

Statistics suggest that 50% of visitors to an ecommerce store are likely to switch to a different portal if they don’t see something exclusive. Using Better Coupon Box, you can tackle this challenge by offering special coupon pop-ups in exchange of voluntary marketing like social shares, likes, subscriptions and others. This way, you not only increase your conversion rate but also your fan base on social platforms.

  • Developer – Beeketing
  • Reviews & Ratings – 1700+ Reviews (5 Star Ratings)
  • Price – From $0.00 / month

#10 Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is a free of cost Shopify live chat app that is boosted by Chatbots. It is the best Shopify app for eCommerce stores and is powered by marketing automation and is designed to increase customer journey satisfaction. Tidio allows users to be virtually present with their customers and reply to queries instantly. Live support is there when the store’s customer needs your help.

It helps to retain existing and potential customers who usually need an immediate response to their queries. The Tidio bot is available 24X7 and can handle the situation in your absence. Set up these bots simply and quickly with a few clicks and let them check the product availability, delivery status, and other customer requests. In addition, the chatbots can also hand over the conversation to real operators when needed. We hope you are now clear. Why do the customers need Live support?

  • Developer – TIDIO LLC
  • Reviews & Ratings – 1365 Reviews (4.8 Star Ratings)
  • Price – Free plan available

#11 ProveSource Social Proof

ProveSource is one of the best Shopify apps to boost sales, and the social proof app is designed to build confidence and trust in your e-commerce store through live sales popup notifications. The goal of this app is to boost sales and increase conversions and ROI. It shows statistics, reviews, and all other important metrics that help you to engage better.

It offers various features like Live sales popups, reviews, notifications and gives your store the image of being an in-demand and authentic place to shop. The app allows the users to get a live view of what the other users are purchasing which creates a FOMO – the fear of missing out effect on the other browsers. Even if your store is just starting out, ProveSource helps to make your e-commerce store grow above its expectations.

  • Developer – ProveSource
  •  Reviews & Ratings – 196 Reviews (4.8 Star Ratings)
  •  Price – Free plan available

#12 Back in Stock

Back in stock is one of the top Shopify apps for eCommerce business and the best Shopify apps to increase sales instantly. It helps you when you are sold out of your best products. Back in Stock helps you in ensuring maximum sales. This is one of the best Shopify apps that lets customers sign up and be notified when a product that they want is available in your store. Your customers get an automatic email notification. The app is easy-to-install and helps you understand which products are the most popular in your store so you can manage stock levels. You can customize all aspects of your app to meet customer needs. Its key features include customizable opt-in forms that can seamlessly match your customer’s needs. It has a comprehensive admin dashboard with reports.

  • Developer – SureSwift Capital
  • Reviews & Ratings – 477 Reviews (4.8 Star Ratings)
  • Price – Free plan available


There are many Shopify apps that are available on the market. You need to understand which the best Shopify apps are to grow an eCommerce store so that they can make your e-commerce business a success. Many of these apps are worth trying out, but despite their obvious advantages, not all apps are right for all Shopify stores.

First, you must understand what you want as part of your business strategy, and then you can choose Shopify apps to increase eCommerce store ROI or any other business goals. This list of Shopify apps might not be the best guide for every Shopify store owner. It might not help every store owner meet their target but here we have tried to list the ones that are worth investigating. These could be the best Shopify apps for the Shopify eCommerce store. But there are many more apps if you are not happy with the ones listed above.

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