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October 27, 2023


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Running Tours & Travel agency? Struggling to get the online leads? Well, here is the complete case study explaining how OLBUZ team helped Kerala based Tours & Travel agency to boost the online traffic & leads.

India is a beautiful country with lots of travelers in each of its states under every age group with various areas and reasons to travel. Some travel with family, some with friends and there are also some who travel alone.

Though every Indian state has something to offer to its travelers even then Kerala is most loved tourist destinations. The attractive natural beauty and soothing environment of Indian state Kerala every year pull many vacationers towards it from India and abroad. Regardless of any season, Kerala sees the regular footfall of travelers around the year. This has given an opportunity to the Tourism industry of the state. Many travel agencies or companies have jumped into the business of serving vacationers with complete Kerala Tour Packages. Many tour & travel agencies have tried various methods to get the leads but beating their competitors seems impossible in the digital world.

Few tours & travel agencies are still relied on old traditional Advertisement methods and others are improving their presence digitally. Thus there is a cut-throat competition among all the travel companies working in the market. But, only the best wins the competition, and behind the very best person/company, there is someone better than the best and experts.

This case study will discuss a travel company named Srees Tours working in Kerala. The focus is on the problems regarding the online marketing and promotional activities so as to attract holiday planners towards it and how with the help of OLBUZ, they managed to acquire the prominent market share.

Introduction to

Established in 2012; Srees Tours & Travels is a travel company that is run by Mr. Sree Kumar an Ex-Army man, who served Indian Army holding the Defense Wing of Indian Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden from 1984 to 2004. The army background has an impact on the business as well. Srees Tours & Travels is decidedly devoted to serving its customers with utmost excellence and quality for various Kerala Tour Packages. The company does not believe in compromising with the services offered. With the expertise in planning and knowledge of entire state, the company under the leadership of Mr. Sree Kumar was offering the best and affordable Kerala Tour Packages for couples, corporates, friends, and family. The company was committed to providing every customer with the best hotels and taxi drivers to make their holidays comfortable and enjoyable.

In spite of the complete devotion to the business and serving customers at the best level, specific issues were hindering the success of Srees Tours & Travels. It is then; they contacted OLBUZ Consulting to help them with the maximum reach and increasing business opportunity through online business.

kerala tourism case study
kerala tourism case study

Challenges Encountered

For every business; having the best services is just not enough to capture the market, the business must have adequate customers knowing and preferring it among its competitors, and the business must be easily recalled as and when needed. For this, the business needs to have a broad reach among clients. In the era of online marketing and selling, businesses must have a website that is widely active and readily updated with the decent user interface.

  • No Responsive Website
  • Digital presence was very low
  • Organic Traffic was decreasing
  • No proper keyword research on pages
  • On-Page / On-Site optimization wasn’t done
  • No paid marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Optimization = NIL
  • Lead generation form was not optimized
  • No proper call to action
  • No customized tour packages
  • Competitor research was ZERO

Opportunities / Initial Results

Website Redesign

OLBUZ has expert team of web designers and developers. We have discussed the existing website problems with client and decided to redesign the complete website. OLBUZ team then redesigned entire website and made responsive and SEO Friendly. We have added few new modules in the website as well to improve the user experience.

On Page Optimization

We have started SEO process for Srees Tours from scratch and done fresh keyword research for whole website. We have researched page specific targeted keywords and updated meta tags accordingly. We have taken care of each and every SEO metrics like Heading Tags, Anchor Text Links, Internal & External linking structure, Call to Action and other important landing page metrics (Page Speed & Responsive page) etc.

New Pages (Tour Packages)

After consultation and contemplation with the client, OLBUZ experts decided to upload new tour packages and tour information based on keyword and market research taken over from competitors’ website, forum questions and past customers. This increased their ranking on search engines.

Data Analytics

There were few goals set for Google Analytics. The checks were made every day for incoming traffic. An eye was kept on checking clicks, imprints, rankings on Web Master and, error solving. This created the dull and inactive website, an active and responsive one.

Social Media Optimization

The makeover strategy also included daily social media postings and viewer engagements. There were deliberately answers to questions on Quora. As a result of which the name of Srees Tours & Travels started beguiling in the minds of viewers.

Online Presence

Introduced Srees Tours & Travels on different portals like and to make its name and increase the fame.

Local Business SEO

Srees Tours business was getting leads from domestic as well as international tourists. Client already mentioned in their plan that they wanted to focus on domestic tourists as well. So, OLBUZ team also focused on Local SEO and listed the business on local business listing sites including Google Business. Srees Tours now also available on leading travel portal TripAdvisor.

Competitor Research

Undertaken competitors’ research and made specific good class backlinks from existing articles and comments shared at various sites. OLBUZ team never followed competitor backlinks blindly to generate backlinks. We have focused only on quality backlinks and generated via high quality & unique content only.

Content Marketing

The OLBUZ team scheduled to post two articles per month on the website with different topics and targeted keywords. It was also planned to publish two articles on related tourism site and portals. It resulted in increasing awareness and attracting travelers to Kerala. We have prepared our own content marketing checklist to make the best strategy for Srees Tours. We have focused on quality and unique content only and make sure that the content helps end users as well. We have picked up the topic from online forums like Quora, Social media channels and also consulted with client to know what kind of things tourists searches on Google and fails to find the information.

Paid Marketing

The OLBUZ experts planned to execute paid marketing campaigns on Google Ads besides with restricted budget and Geo Location

OLBUZ ran the digital marketing campaign for Srees Tours & Travels and also implemented E-mail marketing to reach the maximum audiences possible. Timely and regular information about different tour packages and holidays plan were shared through these emails. The idea was to create a buzz in the minds of those who love to travel and frequently plan to travel.

Upshots / Results

With constant efforts and proper planning, the experts at OLBUZ succeeded in delivering Srees Tours & Travels the positive and productive results that they were looking for to win over their competitors. They achieved the followings:

Overall Traffic Increased

OLBUZ team’s efforts paid off and the overall traffic started increasing slowly. Srees Tours started getting amazing traffic from all sources including Organic, Social and Referral traffic.

Traffic Comparison (All Sources)

Organic Reviews Improved

Organic reviews augmented in Local listing and from third party websites.

500% Traffic & 842% Goals Increased

Below data shows the Google Analytics Acquisition data. It clearly showing that overall traffic increased by 500% and leads / goals increased by 842% over the period of 2 years.

Above data & statistics is definitely old because we have started working on the project during that time. If we talk about the SEO performance of 2019 then here is the performance of last 6 months (Feb 2019 to July 2019) from SemRush.

Thus, Srees Tours & Travels is now making profits and functioning prosperously in Kerala serving the customers and tourists across India and globe. All this has been possible with the help of OLBUZ experts and dedication in making the Srees Tours & Travels the best among all. Remember, there is a lot more than Social Media that you can use.

Using Tools in Project

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  • Figma

  • illustrator

  • HTML

  • WordPress

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