Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Drive More Leads, Conversions, Calls & Revenue with Various PPC platforms

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Our SEO Services Includes

Google Ads

Optimize Search, Shopping & Display Campaign to boost brand impressions and maximum revenue possible.

Bing Ads

Get maximum output from Bing Ads search & shopping campaign and target your audience.

Instagram Ads

With Instagram ads, Drive awareness, increase customer base and share your story amongst your audience. It increases followers too.

Facebook Ads

Reach maximum number of audience by setting up Ad campaigns in Facebook Ads platform.

Twitter Ads

Reach targeted audience by using proper hashtag, audience and interests using Twitter Ads platform.

Pinterest Ads

We create, edit and manage your Pinterest campaign to get more for your products and content.

Amazon Ads

Olbuz provides robust Amazon ads to get you sales and revenue from this E-commerce platform.

Ebay Ads

With Ebay ads, we make sure your brand is visible and get a detailed reporting of work.

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Types of Content

Search Ads

With Search campaigns, place your advertisement on top of the Search Engine Results page and we run different bidding strategies according to the client requirement ads which are efficient.

Shopping Ads

With Paid Shopping campaign you can highlight your ecommerce products along with image, url, title and price in search engine.

Display Ads

Online Display Campaign enables you to get user's attention on Google Display network through websites which builds the brand awareness and increase sales. Focus on Remarketing campaigns to target your existing prospects.

Local PPC

Local PPC campaign enables your products and services to be shown in a specific area and you only have to pay when someone click your ads.

APP Install Ads

PPC management services from OLBUZ allow businesses to advertise via Google Ads, Bing ad center and other search engines and leading social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) that the target market can possibly use.

Video Ads

With Video campaign you can show your services and Product through streaming video platform in Youtube and Google Display network.

We are a Google Ads Partner with over 16 years of experience in managing PPC Account Campaigns of all different sizes of businesses.

If you are struggling to get adequate returns on your PPC account campaigns, it’s probably time that you head towards OLBUZ. Our Google Ads certified professionals will get you the best of your Google Ads and Bing paid marketing, thereby attracting new visitors to your business platform. While it may all seem quite easy, the real frustration pours in when you are trying to achieve the output from the investment. The failure of a PPC campaign is either the result of having less time to dedicate to them or finally realising that managing a PPC campaign effectively requires understanding the dynamics of the changing advertising market. At OLBUZ, however, it is in our core competency to provide PPC marketing services with a proven track record of managing clients with over $30K in monthly budgets.

We are good at managing all different types of PPC accounts, including but not limited to Google Ads, Bing AdCenter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn paid promotion, etc. Whether it is setting up PPC accounts or managing huge shopping campaigns, we can be your one-stop-shop for all types of PPC services.

Our work

Olbuz worked with many industries, including real estate, fashion, travel, auto mobiles, and health care. We have delivered the best results for each of our clients. Recently, we have published a case study of one of the fashion projects where we have successfully increased the revenue by 112% compared to the previous year only on the Google Ads platform.

Here are some reasons that make us better than any other service provider:

A certified Google Ads partner

We are certified by Google to manage clients' Ads accounts. This proves our experience, ability, and in-depth knowledge in the field. Passing the certification exam now requires being able to manage a consistent speed level, meeting the qualification guidelines from Google, and all of that is reflected in our work.

PPC campaign on various search engines

PPC management services from OLBUZ allow businesses to advertise via Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other search engines and leading social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) that their target market could possibly use.

A full service PPC management

We will be taking up the responsibility right from the strategy formulation to its execution and simultaneous assessment of required changes. This way, you have all the time to focus on your core competencies. You can certainly rely on the process that OLBUZ undertakes.

Comprehensive research tools that dig into your competitor’s strategies

Becoming a celebrity is not a matter of a day. Knowing what your competitors are up to gives you the opportunity to try better. Our marketers have the tools that will help chalk out the strategies that every competitor of your uses in search engines, and then we know our scale of operation!

OLBUZ will certainly not make you sign a contract. All we want is the success of our clients' businesses that duly reflects our expertise. It is a high-quality digital marketing service you are looking at without the gimmicks.

Our PPC advertisement services include:

Market research and Competitive analysis

Campaign Formation and Targeting

Advertisement and graphics design

Landing page optimization and improvement

On-going monitoring and optimization

Your personal assistance in query resolutions

While we are nearly done, we will also ensure that your PPC campaign is indeed smelling success and this is achieved via:

Creating overview of current status

Evaluating keyword targets

Content review and optimization

Traffic tracking and analysis via reports for the same

Actionable recommendations for remarketing campaigns

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Contact Information

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