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If you are an eCommerce brand with over millions of pages and want to migrate your entire portal to totally new platform? All these without loosing your existing organic search traffic & rankings? This case study is for you!


Every website, blog, mobile app and eCommerce portal needs a change after certain time based on user experience, performance & new features to implement on it. Each and every day business changes its strategy, planning and provides new offers to the customers and it should reflect on website. Analtyics data, customer feedback and third party reviews often helps businesses to think about revamping the portal to meet customer’s expectation.


Let’s check out how OLBUZ team helped a client to successful migrating their large health & fitness product eCommerce website from one platform to another platform and streamlined their paid marketing strategies.


Medical Supplies Store




October 26, 2023

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Project Introduction

The medical supplies store based in USA leads the market in dealing with more than 20,000 health & fitness products and 1000+ content pages. As its promotional campaign, it ran advertisement on major paid marketing sources including Google Ads and Bing Ads along with a worthy prevailing SEO Structure. The brand has very good organic search reputation and generating over 50% of business from organic search traffic. As the brand was not happy with existing development & design structure and hired a web development agency to migrate their entire custom developed portal to Magento. Below are some of the primary reasons for migration.

  • Slow page load
  • Non-Responsive site
  • Poor user experience
  • Low Conversion rate
  • High bounce rate
  • Pages/session was very low
  • Check out process was confusing
  • Returning customers are very few
  • Support system process was not clear

OLBUZ was involved to consult web development agency during entire migration process to ensure that everything works well without affecting organic search presence of the website. After completion of migration, we need to migrate & optimize entire paid marketing campaigns running previously on Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Bing Ads.

Depict of Traffic Statistics of the Website

traffic data ecom

Results For Medical and Fitness Online Store

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Google Ads Revenue Increased
0 %
Bing Ads Revenue Increased
0 %
Unique Purchases Increased
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Overall Revenue Increased In 2 Month

Initial Issues

Client was facing two major issues:

Inventory management process was not proper in custom designed platform and was looking to use magento as a front end and back end system.


As they were getting decent traffic from mobiles but the sales was very low; we also recommended them to have a responsive site hence migrating the current one to the new platform to increase website speed and performance.

medical ecommerce challenges

Challenges Encountered :

Migrating website isn’t an easy task. It comes with various issues related to technicality, design selection and management challenges as well. There were challenges like 404 Errors and Broken Links which should be solved such a way the existing organic presence must not hampered. Migration also accompanies fear of dropping Organic Traffic & Rankings with Crawl Errors. It similarly changes URL structure of over 30K landing pages.

As the company was using paid marketing, it was biggest challenge to streamline all campaigns and adgroups with newly created URLs.

Here is the list of few key challenges we encountered:

  • Over 20K products + 1000s of content pages
  • Sustaining Organic Traffic & Rankings
  • Complete the transition on time
  • Keeping the same URL structure or proper implementation of 301 redirection
  • Minimizing the 404 Errors and fixing broken Links
  • Re-configuration of Google Ads & Google Search Console
  • Monitor External Links (Repair Broken links)


The experts at OLBUZ quickly explored traffic statistics and list out the days and hours when traffic was minimum. The team even assessed the sales data as the primary goal was not to disturb sales. It listed out some imperative targets to be followed before migrating website like pausing all paid marketing campaigns, restricting Online Activities from where the highest traffic used to come i.e. Social Media Marketing. Putting stop to the emails and linking marketing to the major platforms. Monitoring all landing pages with URL’s on Pay Per Click platforms by taking whole account backup of all paid marketing platforms though later we matched up all to the campaign’s landing page URL.


Checking Image URL’s for product’s Ads as there were thousands of products available on eCommerce portal. This was one among the major challenge for us proper redirection of image or product URL’s. The team was also running the Google Ads shopping campaign, so after new URL structure, we had to regenerate shopping feed & quickly fixing the campaign.


The final challenge was repairing existing backlinks which was essential in terms of SEO perception. Hence we make sure that all the external backlinks lands on right page and not shows 404 pages. The expert team at OLBUZ dealt successfully with all the challenges in-hand.

How WE Did It?

The probable opportunities before migrating website in terms of SEO and paid marketing were already discussed. It was assured that it isn’t affecting the website structure and SEO at all leaving an impact on the overall performance. However SEO would require a little extra time to recover the performance even after the migration. Sales were our prime emphasis along with the entire paid marketing task.


We divided the entire migration process in two different parts: First:

  • Prepared transition guidelines for a developer
  • Pause all paid marketing campaigns
  • Track and monitor rankings, traffic & crawling activities
  • URL redirection (301)
  • Monitor all landing page URL’s
  • Check Image URL’s (Product Listing Ads)
  • Existing Backlinks Report
  • Google Search Console

We simultaneously focused on categorization of the Paid Marketing Campaigns & Ad Groups as they can result into the opportunity of creating new campaigns and Ad Group. Monitoring PLA in order to control Cost Per Conversion for targeting range of cost per conversion was also kept in mind for the entire process.

Here is the second part we focused on:

    • Categorize the Campaigns & AdGroups
    • Control Cost Per Conversion by monitoring PLA
    • Increase cost step by step (Weekly)
    • Focus on Mobile Marketing (Increase Sales)
    • Starts Advertising in other paid marketing platforms (Find the target audience)
    • Increase Organic Reviews on Products
    • Provide discount offers time to time
    • Run Display / Remarketing / Dynamic Remarketing Ads to increase impressions

OLBUZ proves to be a cost-effective organization hence using the entire $5000 budget at one goes was not intended. We kept increasing weekly cost at every stage and made the entire campaign live day by day. It ultimately helped us in evaluating performance as well. Focusing on Mobile Marketing to increase sales as the website was responsive by now so we focused on mobile ads as well to increase mobile bid and day parting was another task in-hand. Gradually we launched advertising on the other paid marketing platforms finding the targeted audiences.


We also worked on increasing organic reviews on products because the newer designed was user friendly offering timely discounts and sales as it was convenient for us to provide discounts at the new website. A side-by-side attention was paid to remarketing, running display ads and dynamic remarketing ads to upsurge visit on the website. In a short span of time the new website reached to the maximum audiences.

medical ecom challenge


However, immediate effects after migrating website won’t be noticed but the high-end technology knowledge, dedicated team and years of experience made the project a success. Here is the brief performance comparison before vs after migration (2 months span):

Before Vs After Migration (2 months Span)

migration result

After continuous efforts for two months, OLBUZ team was able to increased performance from all different channels. After successful migration, we were hired to manage entire paid marketing campaign for next 1 year and we were able to achieve below result within small time-frame.

Ads Results (1 Year Results):

  • Revenue from Google Ads was increased by 150%
  • Revenue from Bing ads was increased by 226%

Revenue Increased From Bing Ads

bing ads revenue - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

Revenue Increased From Google Ads

google ads revenue - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

Migration (2 Month Results):

  • 18.72% Increase In Unique Purchases
  • 10.62% Increase In Revenue

Migration Result: Revenue Difference

revenue change - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

Migration Result: Purchase Difference

unique purchase stats - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

Revenue Increased From Bing Ads

bing ads revenue - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

Revenue Increased From Google Ads

google ads revenue - healthcare and fitness ecommerce brand

If you are an eCommerce brand and looking to optimize your paid marketing campaigns, we are here to help.

Using Tools in Project

We have used various advanced tools to promote this fashion ecommerce website.

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