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With more than 16 years of industry experience and serving experience with 150+ brands, we can help you tackle all your eCommerce SEO-related struggles.

Do you struggle to generate qualified leads?

Is your eCommerce not generating successful transactions?

Olbuz, an eCommerce agency, is here to your rescue.

We improve your brand awareness by following the right SEO techniques. Our talented team helps your brand reach higher in the search results and reach your target audience better.

We have been a trusted eCommerce SEO Agency in the market with qualified leads generated X, qualified calls generated X, and eCommerce Transactions X.

Why Do eCommerce Businesses Need eCommerce SEO Services?

The world is gradually moving towards online shopping. Many statistics have shown that people prefer online purchases over traditional methods. In this fast-moving world, the audience prefers easier and quicker purchases. eCommerce brands need to attract more and more customers to their websites. An intuitive shopping experience will have no meaning if your target audience can't find you online.

Hence, SEO for eCommerce websites is necessary. SEO helps eCommerce businesses to reach their target audience quicker. It improves search results for keywords that your customers use. The more customers you'll reach, the more you can scale up the conversions and revenues.

Why OLBUZ is a Suitable eCommerce SEO Company for Your Business?

We offer you solutions for driving traffic to your website, boosting visibility, or generating qualified leads for your eCommerce. The Olbuz eCommerce SEO agency; is committed to providing the best eCommerce SEO service for our clients.

We work, keeping our clients in the center. Be it researching your competitors or the market to reach your target audience. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we ensure you get not just the output but the profits also. We have 150+ clients, so we know the tricks and tactics to give you the best results.

In line with the Google Webmaster Guidelines, we ensure long-lasting organic traffic on our client's websites. We make your outstanding products reach their potential buyers.

With this approach, we have generated client revenue X, and managed X eCommerce SEO campaigns.

Ecommerce SEO Services Benefits

You might have an excellent product and an interactive website, but what's the use if it doesn't reach the customers. eCommerce SEO for online businessess jumps in at this point. It makes your customers aware of your brand. With SEO, you can reach your target audience better. It improves your eCommerce website's ranking in search results. SEO helps you establish the credibility of your eCommerce business. Customers tend to purchase from more credible websites.

The SEO-optimized content on the website helps you earn credibility among your competitors. The optimized content on your website ranks you higher in the search results and makes your brand visible among your target audience. It helps you generate organic traffic on your website and ultimately increases your sales.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services Include:

What is an SEO Audit
SEO Audits

We perform SEO audits to better understand your eCommerce. It includes the understanding of your target audience and your sales goals. At Olbuz, we aim to provide you with quality services that resonate with your goals. The extensive research helps us understand your brand better and design SEO strategies accordingly.

What is technical SEO
Technical SEO

At Olbuz, we provide technical SEO to structure the website better. The website's structure follows the crawlers' instructions to reach and rank high in the search engine.

What is Keyword Research
Keyword Research

It is the most significant aspect of SEO for eCommerce sites. The right keyword plays the primary role in search results and rankings. It is also beneficial in reaching the right target audience. The wrong keywords may result in fewer turnovers in your SEO efforts. With our skilful team, we have expertise in providing the right keyword through our extensive keyword research.

On-page SEO
On-page SEO implementation

The primary task of SEO is to optimize the landing page. At Olbuz, we are focused on offering high-quality On-page SEO optimization for better ranking. We optimize the blog content and landing pages. We optimise the landing page content after conducting extensive keyword and target audience research.

Content and Product page optimization
Content and Product Page Optimization

With On-page SEO implementation, content and product-page optimization are also required. It retains the traffic on your eCommerce website and helps in generating qualified leads. Our talented team focuses on interactive content and product-page optimization for our clients.

Schema implementation
Schema Implementation

The coding team at Olbuz provides your eCommerce website schema implementation for better ranking in search results. The schema implementation gives concise information to search engines so they can understand your content better.

Off-page SEO optimization
Off-page SEO optimization

The SEO best practices are not only for your website but for the outside world as well. It involves linking your website, promoting your content, and ultimately promoting the quality of your content. At Olbuz, we focus on off-page SEO optimization too. It is for better search engine ranking.

What is conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization

It ultimately defines the success of our SEO efforts. The number of conversions is proportional to the sales of your product. Hence, conversion rate optimization is required to convert more and more visitors to customers.

Custom detailed reporting
Custom detailed reporting

We provide detailed data at a fixed frequency to our clients. It helps them to monitor their growth. It also ensures that we are meeting their goals and expectations.

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