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Promotion and Advertisement does the same work for a product/service as food and air for human beings. In the absence of proper promotions and adequate advertising a product or service may die. With the advancement of technology and changes in trends; online or e-advertisements and promotions have taken over print media. But using these media is a challenging and though-provoking task. A company needs help from experts and This case study talks about how OLBUZ helped USA’s leading fashion / jewelry ecommerce brand in doubling the transactions and revenue from paid marketing for the store in time span of one year.


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New Jersey, USA


October 26, 2023

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Project Introduction

A popular USA based fashion ecommerce brand was facing problems in terms of revenue generation and transactions regardless of the continuous advertisements on major paid marketing sources like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads etc. They were trying hard but there was a pitfall that was snatching the expected and desired results from paid channels. Though Google Ads was the main source for promotions but they were not getting enough conversions and revenues. It was then OLBUZ took over the project and worked for them.

Results with Fashion eCommerce Brand Marketing

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Revenue Increased

Initial Challenges

OLBUZ then reviewed the brand and performance for on-going advertising campaign. The ads professional team draw conclusion through Google Analytics that there were a few dodges responsible for poor conversions rates in terms of money like ads at Facebook, Bing and Google Ads.

Below are some important findings or we can say challenges and Solutions listed out for the project which needs to resolve on first priority.

fashion and jewelry ecommerce case study

1st Challenge :
Stable Paid Marketing Performances (Google Ads, Facebook, Bing Ads)

OLBUZ paid marketing team reviewed & analyzed all paid marketing platforms including Google Ads, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads. After analyzing all campaigns we found that there were some campaigns which are not performing well and require revamping from the scratch. Google Ads & Bing Ads – We set a benchmark for Cost, Conversion and Cost per Conversion per day to achieve the performance. For that we need to optimize all the campaigns by reducing/increasing cost, adding new/negative keywords and many more changes.


Business often spends money on those platforms which gives some good return as a profit; in ecommerce industry we call it as a Return on Investment. For this ecommerce portal, we targeted ROI from the day first because at the end of the day business owners loves to see some profit from its spending. Here we make sure that we will push best performing products/categories first to boost revenue in form of shopping campaign, search campaign and dynamic ad campaigns at initial level.


Facebook Ads – We analyzed the traffic stats on Google Anlaytics and found that big portion of traffic coming from Facebook. Later, our team checked all the live campaigns in Facebook and found that these campaigns are not giving much outcome and decided to pause it to reduce the cost.


In Google Ads account, shopping campaign was performing well but it was targeting all products from single campaign. One team started working on campaign distribution and one team started working on insights and found that mobile device has high cost per conversion compares to other devices (Ads won’t allow us to restrict Tablet cost before 1 year). We worked on mobile bid adjustment and at the same time, we tested website in all different mobile devices, tablets to check the user experience. We closely worked with designer and developer

As we pointed out earlier, the major traffic on website was coming from Facebook paid ads but the conversion rate was hardly hitting 0.5%. We paused all non-performing campaigns from Facebook and diverted the remaining budget to Google Ads and Bing Ads.

2nd Challenge :
Mobile Device Performance

This one is very important point I strongly recommend to check very closely. We closely reviewed device performance data from both paid and organic traffic and found that the mobile device was not performing well. The spending from Mobile device was very high and the conversions numbers was very disappointing as compare to desktop device.

There were the major challenge for us before we started working on this project. OLBUZ team also stretched it’s research and list out important findings of the ecommerce website where we can achieve some great results.

The Solutions We Applied

Solution We Found For Stable Paid Performance Marketing:

We discovered opportunities by making a fresh start after understanding entire product range, targeted audience, buyer segment and how paid marketing strategies would work. We implemented a well-designed plan sequentially by continuous and timely performance monitoring. With increased brand visibility, sales at various occasions like festive hours, vacations hours, weekend sale and/or mid-week sale, freshly added images and introduction to another campaign ultimately helped the product do better.


While optimizing the campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads we mainly focused on below activities which needed to be carried out first.


  • Landing Page Optimization recommendation (Addressed issues on mobile devices, Improved Product Images)
  • Dynamic Re-marketing Campaign (Targeted customers who visited the website earlier but didn’t make a purchase)
  • PLA Optimization (Revised shopping campaign – Adjusted bid for individual products, mobile bid, added negative keywords)
  • Created new shopping ad campaign targeting specific groups of products.
  • Improved well-performing campaigns (Increased budget of successful campaigns with new set of keywords)
  • Wise selection of Keywords (Experimented with new set of keywords and match types)
  • Analyzed Organic Traffic & Products Performances (Created new campaigns based on Analytics report)
  • Started Advertising on other paid marketing platforms (Advertised on AdRoll, Criteo, Pinterest during holiday season)

Solution We Found For Mobile Device Performance:

  • Restricted Mobile Bid (High cost per conversion from Mobile & Tablet devices in major campaigns)
  • Limits the targeting (Excluded/Changed bid for non-performing countries)
  • Day Parting (Reduced bid for particular hours of the day which are getting low conversions)
  • Non-Performing Campaigns Paused
  • Reduced the Bid of high CPC campaigns
  • Added Negative Keywords

After the keen observations and analysis OLBUZ decided to begin with reducing cost from non performing sources. We put an end to the non-performing campaigns and debarred sites where sale was not profitable provided the time, energy and money spent were on higher side.

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Results for Google Shopping Ads Campaign:

  • 192% Revenue Increased
  • 221% Cost Increased
  • 162% Conversions Increased
  • 142% Clicks Increased

The overall account performance is increasing over time and directly contributing towards the overall revenue. The given case study is a small part of entire exercise we did for this client which result into steady improvement in overall revenue.


We grabbed good opportunity to increase sales during Holidays season and we did it effectively.

*These are the stats from Dec’19 Vs. Nov’19 (1 month) Comparison.

Google Shopping Campaign - Revenue

revenue stats of fashion jewelery google ads

Google Shopping Campaign - Cost

cost stat of fashion jwellery google shopping campaign

Google Shopping Campaign - Conversion

conversion stats of fashion jewelry google ads

Google Shopping Campaign - Clicks

clicks stat of fashion jwellery google shopping campaign

If you are an eCommerce brand and looking to optimize your paid marketing campaigns, we are here to help.

Tools Used In Project

We have used various advanced tools to promote this fashion ecommerce website.

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Google Ads

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Meta Ads

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Google Analytics

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