Flipkart is India’s #1 retail merchandising platform with around 44% market share which attracts sellers from all different categories to sell their products. As per the recent news Flipkart is expecting to boost its GVM to $10 billion by March 2016 and as rightly put forward by Mr. Mukesh Banal, the head of commerce at the company, “There is […]

Most iPhone, iPad and Mac users want to keep their device updated with all the latest software and applications to stay up to date. Hence, they keep searching for any recent useful application that might save their time and help them to use their gadgets more easily and smoothly. Apple is the absolute leader in […]

Every new product goes through a strict sequence of stages starting from the initial launch/introduction of the product in the market to growth, gradual maturity and subsequent decline. This life stage of the product is termed as Product Life Cycle and its length is highly defined by market trends, product type, product quality and other […]

Game Center is a social gaming network owned by Apple Inc. that supports online multi-player gaming. IOS users can invite in their friends into a game via matchmaking. The Game Center dashboard further allows the users to compare their scores with the leader board and track their achievement. Some games can even share multiplayer functionality […]

Social Media is a relatively new channel, which is used extensively by individuals and businesses. It is the go-to medium for the latest news, trends and information on a vast number of topics. Such is the impact of Social Media that some businesses are using it to aggressively market and promote their products, solutions and […]

For small business owners looking to gain through local advertising, Google has launched an adwords express few years back. To make this program more users friendly, Google adwords express team keep including new features. If you are a small business and want advertise through Google adwords, this tool can be your best companion. This new […]

Updates: 12th August, 2014   Final Call In this article I have explained how to migrate your PLA to Google shopping campaign manually. If you still did not upgrade the PLA campaign, don’t worry! Google adwords has just launched a tool that will automatically migrate your Product listing ads campaign to Shopping campaign. You can check […]

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