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Have You Tried Facebook Canvas Ads? If Not! You Should Check This DIY Guide


Jignesh Gohel is an eCommerce marketing consultant with over decade of experience in digital marketing. He loves writing about eCommerce marketing and Google adwords. Connect with him at twitter @jigneshgohel or Linkedin at jigneshgohel


5 thoughts on “Have You Tried Facebook Canvas Ads? If Not! You Should Check This DIY Guide

    1. Thank you Imran for your below feedback on my article.

      Have you tried facebook canvas ads? Would love to learn about your experience and insight.

  1. Very good article and overview of this new ad tool from Facebook thank you Jingnesh!
    On the product set option, can you please explain how one imports a catalog of items for sale on ones ecomm site? Does one create a “product set” right there in the same process of creating the Canvass Ad?

    Have you seen examples of this work for ecommerce product sales for your clients?

    Thank you,
    Joseph Segal

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback Joseph,

      Yes you can create product set from your existing catalog by using various filter options as shown in below screenshot:

      Facebook product set

      You need to use power editor for this purpose.

      Ping me at: [email protected] for any help in this regards.

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