Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales & Revenue

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Whether you have just opened your online retail store or have been running it for quite a few years, you would always like to increase sales. Why shouldn’t you?

The global Ecommerce is expected to reach 7 trillion by 2025. And you certainly want to have your piece of the pie.

However, growing an online retail store is an uphill battle.

Big players like Amazon and eBay with their inexhaustible marketing budgets can easily sway customer sentiment. What should a small online retailer, like you, do to increase sales?

Don’t worry, We have the answer for it – Implement ecommerce marketing strategies smartly!

Yes, smart ecommerce marketing is the only way to beat the competition and grow sales for your online ecommerce store.

In today’s post, We are going to discuss top 14 eCommerce marketing trends and 10 proven eCommerce marketing strategies that will bring success in 2022.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is nothing but a practice to bring prospects/customers to your online store, convert sales, and retain those customers who purchased from you. It also includes reaching out to prospects/customers who abandoned their shopping carts and persuading them to complete transactions. Smart isn’t it?

Ecommerce marketers often rely on search engines, social media, emails, and digital content to drive relevant traffic to online stores. There are many offline marketing ways to boost the online sales like print advertisement, Television Ad placement, Banners and hoardings, Newspaper advertisements and radio ads as well. But, the main thing is that this advertisement platforms are quite costly compared to digital marketing platforms. So, here we are going to introduce you to some of the finest eCommerce marketing trends and tips from digital platforms to get good sales and revenue.

Top 14 Ecommerce Marketing Trends for 2022


#1- Mobile shopping tools

With the growth of technology Mobile shopping is expanding rapidly. It is no longer used as a communication device but also serves a lot of functions in expanding business, generating leads, and bringing business just a click away. These days, shopping through mobile has become a great eCommerce marketing trends. Mobile shopping tools enable businesses to penetrate new markets. Customers can use mobile shopping tools to buy products or services online from anywhere and at any time.

#2- Multichannel customer support

Multi-channel consumers support is a great approach to communication by which your customers reach you. This includes reaching your audience through the methods like email, phone, chat, social media, knowledge base, and other similar channels. If you are into an eCommerce business then you must need to be active on a variety of channels, including websites, e-mail, social media, and others. Approaching customers via multiple channel is a great growing eCommerce trends. Consistent involvement and accessibility will improve your customer’s experience too.

#3- Personalized marketing

Personalized marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing or individual marketing, is a marketing technique in which businesses use data analysis and digital technology to provide customized messages and product offerings to present and prospective customers.

Personalized marketing is the fastest growing trends in eCommerce marketing. It helps businesses in the implementation of a plan in which businesses send personalized information to recipients using data collection, analysis, and automation technology. The purpose of personalized marketing is to fully engage customers and prospects by engaging with everyone as an individual. It also contributes to a better customer experience, increased revenue, increased brand loyalty, and consistency across channels.

#4- Automated B2B transactions

Many businesses rely on B2B payments to ensure a continual flow of goods and services between vendors and clients. According to one survey, over one-third of firms were already utilizing digital B2B payments, and this trend is growing nearly twice that proportion. The key advantages of digitizing B2B transactions are cost savings when dispersing funds and the ability to better estimate settlement timelines.

#5- Direct to Consumer

When a company offers its product or service directly to its customers, this is known as direct-to-consumer marketing.

Today, this is considered a new trends in ecommerce marketing. It is a new way of reshaping retail: direct-to-consumer helps a brand reach the customers directly without the need for middlemen. It is a great way to save time and money and more importantly it creates a great sense of belonging among the customers where a corporation produces a product in-house and distributes it through its channels.

#6- Conversion rate optimization

Conversions can occur on any page of your website, including the homepage, pricing page, blog, landing pages, and others. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the technique of improving your website to increase the number of individuals who do the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing something. A decent conversion rate is also determined by your industry, niche, goals, traffic channel, and audience demographics, among other things.

#7- Optimize for a mobile-friendly experience

The emergence of mobile devices has changed how users and search engines interact with websites. Search engines have adapted various eCommerce marketing strategy to fulfill the increased need for mobile-friendly and optimized websites as mobile searching becomes more widespread. For many years, mobile-friendliness has been a ranking component in Google search results.

#8- Choose Marketplace to sell product

When you’ve decided to sell online, the first question you’ll have to address is where. There are numerous options. You can choose one or more of the numerous sales channels that comprise the online retail landscape, or you can go it alone and start your online store. Also, if you choose to use sales channels, which ones do you use? And how many of them are there? These are difficult decisions, and we are here to assist you in making them.

  • Before subscribing to marketplaces, consider logistics.
  • Popularity on the market
  • Competition

#9- Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing strategy is becoming more popular – These days, Omnichannel marketing strategy is a terrific trend that helps teams to meet their consumers where they are by offering the correct message at the right moment. It is an excellent approach to saving both time and money. According to the survey, the more channels customers use, the more valuable they proved to be to businesses.

#10- Video and Visualization promotions

Video marketing is present everywhere, and it’s past time for us all to jump on board. If you run an eCommerce business then you must understand that Video and Visualization promotions have become the need for eCommerce marketing.

  • However, it is also claimed that businesses who use marketing videos have higher click-through and conversion rates than businesses that do not (Buffer)
  • Using video on your eCommerce site boosts conversion rates by up to 85%, improves SEO, boosts email click-through rates by 96%, and decreases product returns by a fourth.

#11- Retargeting ads

Retargeting customers through ads helps you to keep your brand in front of potential clients after they have left your website, pushing them to revisit your offer when they need it. This method is a widely accepted marketing strategies to boost sales.

Retargeting campaigns enable you to target individual visitors with specific advertising to persuade them to convert to your offer. Retargeting advertising can be used to cross-sell products. Cross-selling is a marketing tactic that promotes linked items. You can employ retargeting advertisements to entice consumers who abandoned their carts to return to your e-commerce store. Users may forget about your e-commerce firm after abandoning their cart. Retargeting advertisements serve as a reminder. These campaigns are effective because they allow you to show adverts to people who have already demonstrated an interest in your product. Therefore, for e-commerce enterprises, retargeting advertisements often produce a greater earnings-per-click (EPC) than traditional search and display ads.

#12- Google shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads have turned into a valuable marketing tool for numerous businesses over the last few years. This is a great marketing strategy for eCommerce startup. Google shopping ads are product-based ads that display how your product searches appear across multiple Google and Google shopping platforms. Furthermore, just like regular search advertisements, Google Shopping ads offer an image of a product together with descriptions such as the product title, brand name, and reviews.

#13- Social commerce

Social commerce is another perfect method by which users buy their desired products and services directly through a social media platform when using social commerce. Instead of being transferred to a website, users complete their purchases within the app. The complete purchasing procedure, from product research to check out, takes place in one location.
Social selling is not the same as social commerce. Social selling is the practice of establishing relationships on social media to increase the size of your sales prospect list.

#14- Buyers Journey Optimization

Understanding the customer’s journey is regarded as the most fundamental prerequisite for eCommerce or any organization. It gives vital insight into how potential customers could act in a certain situation. It will allow you to develop an effective growth strategy. Understanding your clients and their journey can help you determine what content and channels will reach them the most effectively. The buyer’s journey is divided into three stages, which are as follows: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Proven Ecommerce Marketing Tips for 2022


#1- Optimize Your Product Listing 

Optimized meta can help individual products rank on Google. So you must optimize your product listing to increase conversion rates in 2022.

Here are some tips to optimize product listing:

  • Title should include all the details (Product name, size, color etc. – Depends on product category)
  • Categorize your products strategically
  • Use beautiful headers to divide content into small chunks
  • Write persuasive product descriptions
  • Include reviews and ratings on product pages
  • Clear Shipping details information on Landing Page
  • Promo / Coupon / Offer details besides Product Price
  • Personalize the shopping experience for your users.
  • Add high quality product images
  • Related products information just below the product

Here is one wonderful product page example containing all the relevant details crystal and clear.

Pro Tip – Well optimized product title & description also helps you to show product listing ads on targeted keywords from Google Ads / Bing Ads shopping campaign.

Optimizing product listing is the first step toward boosting sales of your business.

#2- Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms used by marketers are growing each year. Data suggest that 2022 will also see growth.

Image Source: eMarketer

As an Ecommerce retailer, you cannot afford to stay away from social media if you want to beat your competitors and grow the business in 2022. Proper social media marketing for an ecommerce business will not only help in sales but in branding as well. Running paid ads on social media can also increase the brand awareness so, one can’t miss the opportunity to promote their ecommerce business on social media platforms.

Our guide to data-driven social media marketing strategies to promote your business online can help you to get started. Promoting ecommerce business on social media is just half work done so, here you need to push the strategy further. Before social media ecommerce businesses has limited resources for customers. They provides customer support services via email, phone call & live chat medium. But, now people prefers to complaint over social media because they need quick solution. Due to this immense audience base over social media it forced ecommerce businesses to hire social media team specifically to resolve customer queries and social media marketing.

#3- Create An Awesome Loyalty Program

It goes without saying that you need to put more effort into converting new leads into customers than selling to your existing customers.

So, you should try to sell more products to your existing customers. And a good way to make it happen is to create an awesome loyalty program.

Here are five tips that can help:

  • Pick a great name
  • Reward a variety of customer actions
  • Make ‘your reward points’ available
  • Offer multiple opportunities to enroll
  • Make your loyalty program fun to continue

Make 2022 a great year for your loyalty program.

#4- Design a Lucrative Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is an effective yet economical way to increase sales. And the best thing about it is you will have to pay only for results.

Here lucrative affiliate program should be included in your Ecommerce growth strategies for 2022.

Here are three proven tips to grow your sales through an affiliate program:

  • Recruit affiliates smartly (niche-specific sites with a minimum of 100 unique visitors daily)
  • Run black Friday deals & cyber monday deals for your affiliate partners (Ecommerce Holiday Sale Season)
  • Try to include niche influencers in your affiliate program

Below is one such example of Blue Nile Affiliate program.

Having a good affiliate program can increase your sales without you making any effort. So don’t delay to design a lucrative affiliate program for your ecommerce business.

# 5- Power up Your Marketing Emails

More and more Ecommerce businesses will focus on email marketing in 2022.

Why? People check their emails many times in a day, and a well-crafted email marketing campaign can help you get many customers quickly.

However, you should understand that Ecommerce marketing is not only about crafting great marketing emails you also need to get your email sequencing right. Your email subscribers can opt-out if they often receive emails in a wrong sequence.

Following are seven types of preferred emails you should start sending in 2022:

  • Welcome emails
  • Engagement emails
  • Offers / Discount emails
  • New Collection emails
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Upsell/cross-sell emails
  • Thank you emails

To maximize the success of your email marketing, you must focus on event-based email marketing. Just make sure you don’t spam the customer’s mail else they will opt-out for sure. Email marketing gives the best conversion rate for ecommerce business niche as the chances are high to convert them as a customer. So, prepare your email marketing strategy accordingly.

#6- Rope in Influencers to Shout Out Loud

Influencer marketing will play an important role in 2022. However, the focus will be on micro-influencers. Why? – The reason is below.

It has been observed that having a big number of followers doesn’t always work. In fact, an Instagram star with 2M+ followers couldn’t sell 36 t-shirts, says a report. What’s more, one has to pay a hefty fee to rope in big names.

On the contrary, micro – influencers with loyal small audiences can do wonders for your online retail store. And you don’t have to break the bank to rope in micro – influencers.

My friend, micro – influencers are the marketing force of the future. Start making relations with micro – influencers if you want to leverage the true power of influencer marketing in 2022.

Recently Facebook also launched their own Brand collaboration tool where businesses/brands can collaborate with influencers to advertise their products. So, if you are looking for micro – influencers then just check out this amazing tool to collaborate with influencers.

#7- Target Users Who Abandon Shopping Carts

Not all who add products to the shopping cart complete the transaction.

According to a study, 69.57% is an average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate. Indeed, this is a big number. By targeting these buyers, you can boost your sales in 2022.

Here are the common reasons why shoppers abandon the cart.

Work on the above reasons and target those who don’t complete transactions with the help of retargeting ads and email marketing campaigns in 2022 to grow sales.

Here is one email marketing example for those users who abandoned cart.

Same way ecommerce businesses can run Dynamic remarketing ads in Google ads and catalog ads in Facebook to grab sales from abandoned cart users.

#8- Create Persuasive Content That Sells

Content marketing is super effective to build awareness for your retail store.

Celebrated marketing guru, Seth Godin once said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

Persuasive content will play an important role in 2022 to grow sales. And you should amp up your content team to create persuasive content throughput the next year.

Make sure that you publish at least 2-3 detailed articles based on the latest trend per month and promote these articles aggressively on different platforms. Publishing long shopping guides are found to be effective in lead generation.

Also, you should write guest posts on leading websites in your industry to build awareness.

#9- Improve Cross-Selling

If you improve cross-selling in 2022, your profit will go up quickly. What exactly is cross-selling?

It is nothing but pitching relevant products to your customers in addition to products they are already interested in buying.

Suppose, Rita (your customer) is interested in buying a screen protector for her mobile phone, you can pitch mobile covers, screen cleaners to her.

How can you choose the products to cross-sell?

Here is a thumb rule: Product to cross-sell are custom designed to work with the primary product.

The product page and checkout page are good places to showcase products for cross-selling.

What are you waiting for? Check your product catalog and pick products for cross-selling in 2022.

#10- Invest in Paid Marketing 

If you’ve just started your ecommerce Store and want to increase your sales instantly, then nothing beats paid marketing.

For quick results, online retailers will rely on paid marketing in 2022 too.

As Google is dominating the online search domain, Google Shopping Ads will lead the paid marketing in 2022. And Google Shopping Ads will be followed by Facebooks Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads shopping campaigns.

For any ecommerce business Product listing ads / shopping ads are the most preferred ad type to start with. Don’t opt for search or display campaign at first but go for shopping campaigns and dynamic remarketing campaign to grow sales and brand awareness.

Important Paid Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business

  • Start shopping campaign / product listing ads in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads & Facebook Ads
  • Run Smart shopping campaign in Google ads to get good ROAS
  • Set promotion in Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads & Bing Merchant center to get good CTR and revenue
  • Use high quality and relevant product image in Shopping Feed / Catalog
  • Start brand search campaign to run ads on brand keyword

You must keep aside a paid marketing budget for 2022 if you want to stay ahead.

Final thoughts,

Your competitors are not going to disappear in 2022, so you should execute the best E-commerce marketing strategies and follow top eCommerce trends to outgrow them. If you follow the above pointers smartly, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to grow your business in 2022.

What about you? Do you want to share any other Ecommerce marketing tip for 2022? Please share it in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.


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