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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications Development for Android/iOS Platforms

Mobile application will provide an unique opportunity for your businesses to acquire a new customers. Looking for mobile app development solutions? OLBUZcan develop and deploy your app on iOS and Android platforms. We put our clients at advantage in several aspects. Lets talk!

iPhone Apps Development

Find more information about our experience and expertise about iPhone application development

iPad Apps Development

Get your app ready to deploy on all different version of Apple iPad devices with all necessary features you want

Android Apps Development

We develop user friendly and innovative Android Apps for all major Android devices with advance features

The recent years have seen a huge upheaval in the mobile app development market triggered by a first of its kind true app ecosystem. As per recent reports by MarketsandMarkets, the app development market is set to cross the USD 25.0 billion mark by 2015, wherein Apple is expected to get a share of 20.5%. The reasons for this are varied inclusive of the growing adoption of smart devices, better applications, mobile needs of the modern consumer, new technologies and lowered data usage rates. Businesses consequently need to showcase their presence in apps and increasing competition calls for varied and better app development services.


Vast Experience in Mobile App Development

OLBUZ poses over 4 years of experience in mobile app development and each one of our app developer comes with extensive experience in different industries. They aren’t just trained for the best but have proven credibility of their expertise. Whatever industry you may represent, we have an app development team that will rightly understand your requirements.

We Develop App for Multiple Platforms

Now you can get your app ready to deploy on world’s most popular app store i.e Apple iTunes and Google play store. Yes, we have vast experience developing app for Android and iOS platforms. You can expect to get the best and have an interface that doesn’t just work but also sets a new milestone for your competitors.

We Know How to Promote Your App

OLBUZ, with its years of service has been able to successfully serve a long list of clientele in different industries. We not only develop the app but we also help our client to promote their mobile apps to get maximum downloads.

Innovative and Creative Design

OLBUZ developers don’t just create an app that follows the client’s guidelines but guarantee to create a unique platform that will be remembered by all. Our interface designs are highly creative while sticking to their core functions.

Mobile Apps Development OLBUZ Offer


IPhone App Development

Professional iPhone development team: OLBUZ team for iPhone development is thoroughly trained to keep up with the guidelines of the iOS store. We are certified developers who will be able to guarantee quality and in deadline.
Work with the latest updates and versions: While the iOS has been constantly upgraded with newer versions, we keep ourselves updated and present you the latest services.
Develop compatible apps for iPhones and iOS versions: OLBUZ applications for the iOS store are compatible in both iPhones and other Apple devices. We maintain a highly responsive development framework.
Impressive designer team: To make your app stand out in the iOS marketplace, we have got an impressive team of designers.
Live apps on iTunes: Sticking to the celebration of the iOS success, we ensure that your apps go live on iTunes and get greater exposure.

IPad App Development

Customized iPad applications: OLBUZ app developers will be able to come up with all kinds of apps that are highly customized for the iPad. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the substantial traffic that the device guarantees.
Delivers results in time: We don’t just create fantastic apps but make sure they attain their goals and beyond.
Good reviews and ratings on iTunes: A well developed and unique apps never misses to catch the attention!
Client satisfaction: OLBUZ development practices maintain client satisfaction as a priority.

Android App Development

Experienced Android development team: Each of our Android developer has been meticulously appointed and you can expect the best expertise and experience.
Compatible apps for phone and tablets: Whether your demographics is using a smart phone or a tablet, or Android app reach out to them equally and effectively.
Develop apps for business, games and education categories: Our developers are passionate about app development, regardless of the genre they are needed to work in.
Develop apps for target users: Even if you are planning an app for limited demographics, we make sure that they appeal to each of the potential user.
Good graphics design to attract visitors: Great visuals and an exciting interface is what make our apps stand out.

Quality, performance, deadline and pricing being our motto, you can thoroughly rely on OLBUZ app development practices. We guarantee a unique product that takes you business to expected levels and more. Choose OLBUZ and you need not look for anything else when it comes to app development.