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A famous real estate business noticed that their client base started decreasing while their competitor in the market was attracting more clients. Do you know what the difference between both their marketing approaches was? While the former one was relying on traditional marketing methods like cold calling, while others would promote their business through social media accounts.

In the world today, everything is going on the path of the internet and technology.

According to a study by a real estate website, The Close reported that 44% of the realtors stated that they gained at least one new client by posting on social media while 82% of them wished to promote their business through social media.

Real estate Social Media Statistics 2021

What To Post On Social Media For Real Estate?

Every industry requires different kinds of content for getting on par with the social media algorithm and implement data-driven strategies to successfully promote their business online. An emerging online marketing agency, can help your business grow on online platforms and provides various online business solutions. Here are some real estate social media content ideas which you use to engage more consumers:

Be More Visual 

Social media content catches the attention of potential clients through visual appeal. When scrolling through social media for real estate, the first thing people look at the visual appearance and then go to its details. Hence, it’s just a matter of few seconds to attract someone to the post. Give more details which should be appealing to the consumer, and they can also grasp it. The visual should give the details of the property and the caption or description should contain crisp details.

Educate By Sharing Home Interior Tips & Renovation Ideas

On social media, relatable content, help people or solve people’s problems is preferred. You can attract more people by putting social media content for real estate which is helping people in some way. Real estate content can include ideas about renovation and educating people about home interiors. The renovation ideas and home interior tips are fair game for your potential clients and keeping with your past clients. This type of content is shared and reaches more audiences and can highlight your knowledge in the field.

Latest Real Estate Industrial & Market News

The real estate market is ever-growing. It is important to keep with the market trends about consumers, buyers, and products. Real estate social media posts should include researches, studies, and statistics related to real estate industries and the market. This gives an impression to the clients that you are an active part of the market. Other than this, a large base of audience relies upon factual knowledge, and these kinds of posts can attract them to be prospective buyers.

Share Success Stories & Client Communications

Social media posts for realtors containing success stories and posts about reviews of the clients attract the trust of the audience. This might seem like bragging about the success, but in reality, it brings in trust and shows the examples of clients who trusted your business and you lived up to their trust. User-generated content (social media post by satisfied buyers) giving a shoutout to your business also helps in these cases. They bring in more trust and, your business is promoted among a larger audience.

Leverage Videos More

Video-based content is being promoted more by social media algorithms these days. Compared to still pictures, videos show more reality. The audience is better informed about the real estate while also attracting them to buy. Video-based content appeals to the audience better and also has the potential to give more information in a visual format.

Organize Regular Giveaways

Who doesn’t like discounted or free stuff? Giveaways are often offered by businesses online to attract more and more audiences. Promoting real estate on social media can be done by offering giveaways from time to time. You can offer special discounts and gift cards through giveaways. Giveaways are generally organized to expand the coverage audience. People have to just promote your business in different ways, and as a result, you give them a reward. Organizing regular giveaways can keep with your social media algorithm.

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Image Source: Dickens Mitchener & Associates

Polls And Questions To Get More Ideas To Post

Exhausted the content ideas or your content is not reaching the masses. You can directly ask your audience what they want to see as a social media post. This in turn increases your social media engagement and also gives you a numerous ideas about the content you can post. Polls and questions/answers are a great way to engage with your audience and can potentially give you clients based on your response.

Generate Valuable Real Estate Blog & Post It On Social Media

Almost every real estate business website has blogs. But either the blogs are not updated regularly or are not giving any value to the audience. The blogs you post should show the knowledge and expertise you have in real estate. Come up with relatable and value-adding blog ideas, write them, optimize them according to the audience and promote them on your social media platforms. This will attract an audience and can help you boost your business.

Show The Real Transformation Of Your Work

Transformation posts attract an audience and are more visually appealing. Real estate social media posts should post about transformation works done by them by posting a comparison picture of before and after transformation is done. This appeals to the audience and gets them to consider the renovation of their space and helps you grab potential clients.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Ads

Facebook as a social media platform is highly used by real estate businesses to grow, as it provides a hub for both home sellers and home buyers. Real estate businesses can target their ads to a specific audience that is engaging or interested in related content. Facebook ads can be targeted to this specific set of audiences, attract more and more masses to help your business grow.

Come Live Frequently To Interact Personally With Your Consumers

Engaging regularly with your audience can help you build trust and also grab more buyers. Live feature on social media platforms is one of the best features to engage with the audience. Through going live on a regular basis, you build a bond with your customers. An example of going live can be showing a property or answering people’s doubts about real estate.

Collaborate with local business

Collaborating with others on social media doubles your audience. You can collaborate with related businesses that can add value to your posts, like photographers, and also promote your business to their audience. These collaborations work wonders and help your business boost.

Social media for real estate has forced changes in the ways of marketing in the real estate industry. It has allowed the business to be more open to the audience and also customize according to their need. Promoting real estate on social media requires a strategy, and the content should be optimized according to the audience. With this approach, you can successfully boost your real estate business through social media marketing. If you are looking for more interesting ideas and execution of great strategies, check out our work portfolio.


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