CopyBox is the easiest way to store latest copied images, links & text in iPhone. Yes, users can store their previously copied data in this application such as lengthy text messages, large image files and important web URL links. CopyBox application will save all data automatically in background process during your activities.

Users need to start CopyBox application before copying any data from their mobile. This application let you to store copied data (Links, Text, Images) for up to 3 minutes. During this 3 minutes time application will store all copied data. But users need to restart this application after 3 minutes of time to store next data.

Below are 3 important Features attributes of CopyBox application.

How to save copied text in iPhone?

This feature is really important to iPhone users. CopyBox app will save latest copied text messages whether it’s lengthy messages, news articles, important information or any WhatsApp messages. Later users can read those texts from the application dashboard and also share those texts directly to their social media channels or any messaging applications.

How to save copied images in iPhone?

CopyBox application helps users to store all images which are copied from Google, Bing, mobile apps or any websites. Later users can preview, save and share copied images directly to their social media networks from application dashboard.

How to save copied links in iPhone?

This feature will be helpful to majority of iPhone users as they often copy important links (Web URL) during their surfing time but later forgot about the link. This app will save all the copied links with date and time so users can easily filter the links by date wise. From Application dashboard users can also see and open the preview of the link as well as can share all links to their social media networks or friends via messaging applications.

This application is truly GEM for iPhone users.

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