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Learn How to Launch Your Business Online & Start Selling ASAP [Quick Guide]

Earth is closed! You might have seen the memes, but you most certainly will have heard how the Covid-19 coronavirus has wreaked havoc on businesses all over the world. If you happen to be one such business person, don’t lose hope.

work during corona
People are indoors, in either self-quarantine or lock-down. Apart from reducing the spread of the virus this way, people being indoors means business can still go on. Ask those working from home and they will tell you that everything is progressing, albeit slowly, online.

If you are the owner of offline store, brick-and-mortar business and want to run your business online, this article is for you.

Are you ready to launch your business online?

Here we go!

How To Get Going Quickly – First Steps

e-commerce setup

This is often the hardest move, but modern technology has made it quite straightforward to transform your business online. Whether you are an independent business owner or work for small shops, or restaurants and cafes, you can still use the internet to your advantage.

Here’s How TheRubyTap Wine Bar did it !!

Offline to online store

The Ruby Tap Wine bar, for example, took quick action in setting up online order system helps people to make orders online. They could come pick up their purchases from the curbside when ready. It was a great way to encourage safety while at the same time keeping business going.

See what happened after they launched an online bottle ordering system!

In your case, things might be a bit more complicated. It is not a bad idea to start a little late, while still being quick about it.

Start with buying a domain name if you are not having one. Domains are ridiculously cheap, demand only annual pay, and can be redesigned to your heart’s content. You will need to invest a little cash to get this going, but your efforts will prove fruitful.

Now the next part will be to use trusted and ready to use framework for your online store. We recommend going with Shopify, WooCommerce hosted on WordPress or any other eCommerce platform depending upon your requirement. They will save your lot of time in developing the system and offers world class ready to use features for your online order system.

A blog, along with some reviews from existing customers, can make you stand out in your own light even though you are technically the ‘new e-kid on the block’. Content writing businesses can help infuse your blog with sufficient content on short notice.

Have some of your preferred customers post their reviews of you and your services. The rest is a promotion game waiting to begin.

Biggest Pitfalls – Watch Out!

home delivery

You need to remember that these are dark times, and you cannot just leap on the success bandwagon overnight.
A major pitfall that no one will tell you about is the mistrust of online shoppers. Many who do not normally opt for e-commerce are now being forced to. Additionally, you have more people looking for a lot more things online than just what you are providing. It is therefore imperative that you come across as trustworthy, learned in your business, calm and efficient, and do it all using written words, videos, and images.

Customers are ready to buy, Are you ready to sell ?

The chain of supply-demand has to be maintained. You need to have field agents ready to home-deliver, or at least set up your marketing campaign in such a way that people know where they can come collect their purchases safely and without incident. Try a dummy run yourself just to see if you can deliver to those living in your neighborhood.

Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce… These are your online management hubs, using which you can adequately handle all things customer-related. Order management, keeping a central data repository, GDPR, spreadsheets, etc. can all be maintained if you are willing to set aside time for them. You can lose sight of several factors if this step is not followed, so spend those few hours a day on ‘paperwork’.
A bank, no matter what they say, will not bail you out. Do not rely on their hollow promises at a time like this. Banks are more interested in high-end corporates and large business chains. Your comparatively simpler business needs you to be smart and give time.

The Right Resources – Choose Your Weapon

e-commerce resources

People are strapped for cash right now, which means you cannot afford to be a ‘freeloader’ when hiring some of them to help keep your business afloat in an online marketplace.
Just keep a handful of trusted employees, get a few recommended online social media savvy individuals, and pay them a cheap but guaranteed amount of money to help you sort out varied business demands at different times of the day.

Love Thy Competitor

Peers as well as rivals will have ideas to share with you. These are trying times, which are somehow uniting people rather than dividing them. Put aside your pride and ask those in your business circle for advice. Even one small point can turn the tide in your commercial favor.

Pay that Debt Off

Small business loans, as long as you are sure of repayment, can prove to be a good choice in these testing times. It will help you pay for your online presence as well as keep your employees committed.
Not everything you read online is true. The same applies to people you talk to before transforming your business online. Trust, but verify. Double-check everything, in fact you can ‘hire’ a family member or friend to do this on your behalf.

SBAgov and EcomChat are two fine examples of online chat forums that are essentially ‘by the people, for the people’ threads (or conversations), aimed at shedding light on e-commerce issues amidst ongoing chaos. Use the tag #ecomchat to ask questions on Twitter. You will find that several people from all over the world will be willing to ease your doubts. They also pick some important questions and discuss them with the users, as shown below :

ecom chat example

Client Reviews boost your reputation

Your current customer base is the fuel for your online rocket. You need to call them and entail their help. Merely request them to leave a review online, preferably on your website or blog (you must have created one expressly for your present e-commerce requirements). These reviews are crucial, because the last thing fresh customers want is to see a ‘blank’ company that has made no real impact in the lives of people. Yours has actually influenced real-life people, so it is important that your online portal reflects that. Here is an example of client testimonials on a Digital Marketing Agency website.

customer reviews
‘Payment technology’ is the term applied for all online payment options. You need to set this up, so people can choose one of a handful of ways to pay online when shopping with you. Don’t forget to make COD, or cash on delivery, available as well.

Get the Lead, when you least expect it

Make excellent use of free trials and free tier accounts to integrate live chat options on your portal. You’ll be surprised just how many people will want to directly ask you questions instead of emailing. You can earn or lose customers based on how accessible you are to them. Even when you are not online, these chat apps can still help you get leads as seen below.

live chat app

Reach out via LinkedIn to varied staff and/or employers/owners. Many are out of a job at this time, and you might get lucky and land a few experienced minds for your online business transformation.

Landing Your First Order – How To Make It Happen

ecommerce customers

Marketing options for your blog or website will not come free. This is where your business loan or savings can come in handy. You need to invest in good marketing. This is not really an option for small businesses eager to win the attention of online shoppers.

Learn Opportunistic Marketing from Amul

Opportunistic Marketing is the biggest source for getting your brand across. Amul has been on the top since its beginning in terms of opportunistic marketing. Here is a recent example of Amul spreading awareness about Corona Virus.

amul opportunistic marketing
The first fact to keep in mind concerning Marketing is that you need to target the right audience. Be it housewives or teenagers, you need to sing to the right crowd or your song is going to go unheard.
Facebook ads are taking a hit, but Google ads are still going strong. You can start generating interest followed by sales by buying Google ad space. You can start by creating a Google Shopping Campaign.

Right Ad placement can do wonders

You can buy ad space based on the interest of people. As you can see below, SEMrush has bought ad space on the domain buying blog, as the person who is building a website will need marketing tools for sure. Smart move, isn’t it ?

display ads example

Several orders are made via chat platforms. Suppose the free version mentioned earlier has expired, you can leave your Whatsapp business number on the blog or website to redirect people to come chat with you. They can place orders after quickly clarifying their doubts.

This is the most valuable e-commerce option for small businesses. Whereas your website or blog sets you up as a dignified and trusted service provider, your Whatsapp may well become the hub where all the shopping action takes place.

Define Your Target Audience – It Helps You to Boost Selling Online

The target audience is your potential customer base for the online business you are running. It has the potential to define your business. When you target the right audience for your online business, there is automated growth in your business. The reason for many businesses falling can their inability to define the right target audience. Hence, to increase your sales and grow your business you should have exact knowledge of your target audience. You need to do deep research both demographically and psychographically to understand your audience.

The demographics of your audience include job title, age, ethnicity, physical features, income, etc. Psychographics include characteristics such as beliefs, values, and worldview. When you combine and analyze this information, you get the exact characteristics of your potential buyers. The marketing of your online business will only be fruitful if you have reached out to the right audience. Hence, all your marketing campaigns, SEO, and social media promotion should revolve around your target audience.

Before conducting a marketing campaign, you should first define your target audience, for the growth of your online business.

Reasons To Start An Online Business

  • Inexpensive to Start: If you are thinking that starting an online business might require a lot of capital, big inventory, and a large investment, then you might be wrong. Don’t worry, you do not need to invest all of your savings to launch a business online. You need a computer, a website domain, and a website builder. That’s it; with just a minimal investment you can immediately start your online business.
  • Potential and Growth: Low investment does not bring low potential and growth of the business. Experts say this is the best time to invest in an online business. The growing demand for online purchasing has contributed to the growth of online businesses. If you plan to take your business globally, doing it online is the most convenient way.
  • Business Open and Run 24/7: Physical shops and offices have to close down at some point of the day. What about online businesses? Well, no shop, no closing. When you launch a business online, it can run 24/7. Customers can buy from your website at any time of the day and do not require your presence. Thus, an online business can bring profits even with less day-to-day involvement.
  • Location is No Longer Needed: In an online business, there is no specific location required for working. You can be on vacation or partying somewhere. Online businesses require little involvement in terms of blogging or dealing with customer queries on a daily basis. Hence, the time saved from this little involvement can be invested in something else productive.
  • Flexibility to Time for Work: In an online business, there are no specific timings for work. The online business gives this liberty of working any time. You can schedule the working hours of the day according to your other engagements. Hence, online businesses have the flexibility of time for work.

Advantages of running an online business (E-commerce business)

  1. No Restriction on geographical area: With your offline business you cannot reach a large audience. It is restricted to the local customers only. But with an online business, there is no restriction on geographical location. You can even reach the audience thousands of miles away through your e-commerce. 
  2. Automation: Automation of business reduces the errors of inventory management, data entry, and transcription. It is an added benefit of online business. Automation reduces the tasks like promotional emails, payment orders, and errors like shipping to the wrong address. 
  3. Retargeting Customers: The eCommerce business advantage of retargeting customers keeps it above the physical stores. In cases when customers interact with your website but do not place an order, retargeting comes into action. You can reach your customers via different channels to market your products.
  4. Swift shopping process: Unlike physical stores, online businesses have a swift shopping process. The search bar option on your website allows customers to directly reach their desired products. Applying filters and a quick payment process adds up to the advantage. 
  5. Personalizing Customer Experience: E-commerce allows you to build a personalized customer experience for every customer. You can optimize website content in their language, change currency and also show products that are within reach of the customers.
  6. Low cost of training employees: The human resource requirement in online stores is reduced. In online stores, you do not require employees like cashiers or security guards. You can use these expenses to invest in running online ads.
  7. Take up and deliver multiple orders: The added advantage of online business allows one to take up and deliver many orders at once. In offline stores, the multiple order situations can turn into a crowded store and tedious transaction process.
  8. Easy Scalability: The finite space of physical stores makes scalability a time-taking procedure. But this is an advantage in eCommerce. With the infinite space, scalability is easy in eCommerce. You need to upgrade your hosting plan for accommodating more customers.

Conclusion – This Is Only the Beginning

online shopping

Putting in the effort is only half the effort. Think of it this way: without a sound strategy, all your hard work will only drain your energy levels as well as potential sales. ‘Less is more’ works beautifully for small businesses looking to transform from offline to online during the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis that has affected a plethora of businesses all over the globe.

Learn to Earn

Help is readily available for you online, in the very realm where you are now planning to branch out. Portals like Website setup are interesting pages to spend a day on, so you can figure out what will work for you and what won’t. From Affiliate Marketing and Online Publishing to creating Youtube videos, there is so much you can learn to benefit your small business in this crucial transition phase.

It is all about familiarity, which is why we recommended that you sit at least one day doing research. It may seem tedious, but at the end of the day you will have taken all the right notes to help you narrow down on the essentials. This in turn will help you target all the right customer bases and business factors, getting you that much closer to online success in a relatively short time.

FAQs for Online Business

How Can You Make Your Online Business Successful?

You can implement this business strategy to run an online business successfully: 1) Define your target audience 2) Plan your marketing campaigns to reach out to them 3) Meeting your customers’ demands through your products 4) Provide high-quality goods.

What Is the Advantage of Selling Online?

Selling online is a good marketing strategy for the following reasons: 1) It’s a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience 2) You can instantly know the outcome and reaction of your clients and consumers. This way, your products reach even the global level.

What Are The Steps To Starting An Online Business?

There are numerous ways to start an online business: Define your niche and business type (B2B or B2C), Create an online presence through the website, Optimize website content, Find & define a target audience, List products, or services on the website.

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Managing Google Ads Account

You allotted a decent budget to promote your business through Google ads and not getting desired sales. Are you not happy with the Google adwords performance? Does your paid marketing campaigns are not giving desired sales? Are you planning to stop using Adwords?

Wait! Before you stop using Google ads, checkout this article. It may happen that your team committing few common mistakes in managing Google adwords account. Here it is very important for you to learn about possible reason behind this poor performance? Therefore to avoid the common Adwords mistakes, it is necessary to take care of the following blunders and to avoid them in the future:

#1 Not doing proper research:

Doing a proper research is the key before you start any paid marketing campaign. The most important and the basic first step for Adwords advertiser is to understand the market. Research can be done by reading tips on industry blogs like Search Engine Land, Google Ads official blog or by talking to others who have advertised on Google Ads. If possible read Google AdWords blog daily and keep your self updated with latest AdWords update & features. It will give you better idea to experiment new things in various client accounts.

Here fundamental understanding of your market and the Google adwords features is highly recommended. It will give you better understanding of your target audiences and the type of ads you should run. So, start doing your research and understand the tool before you start promoting your business via Google adwords.

Pro Tip:

If you are an eCommerce business and looking to generate sales, you need to study Google shopping ads. They not only giving best conversion rate but also can reduce your ads spend as compare to search ads. Here is an example of how Google shopping ads display your advertisement on Google search result.

Google shopping ads example

#2 Not using the right Keywords and Keywords Match Type:

Keywords research is the heart and soul of a Google Ads campaign, especially for the search ads. Thus it is beneficial to correctly judge your keywords before putting them into the campaign. The keywords should be such that they bring conversions and not just clicks. It is important to ensure that you understand your campaign type whether product or content to manage the set of keywords.


Break your keywords into small sets and use the right keyword match types combination (broad match, phrase match, or exact match) to optimize your campaign. But of course, this strategy would depend on what you want, traffic, impressions or conversion.

Don’t forget to add negative keywords list which includes terms you “do not” want to respond to, so as to save a lot of costs. In Google AdWords Negative keywords are most important factor as it saves lots of cost and will not show your ad on particular keywords. Here is one such example of the importance of negative keywords.


In every AdWords campaign there is common set of negative keywords which needs to include while creating any new campaign. You also need to identify that which negative keywords will come at AdGroup and Campaign level.

#3 Ad Copy – Not using multiple ad copies:

If you are creating one or two search or display ad copies, it is wrong practice. Testing advertisement copy is very crucial part while running a paid ads. It is the most compelling reason people click your advertisement and and hence, better ad copy can improve CTR. An ideal ad copy consists of a headline, your keywords and a persuasive call to action. It is wise to test your copy by trying two or three variants to find out what works best. You need to find out what actually will get you conversions thus it is wise idea to test different variations of everything.

You should finally choose a copy that gets you the highest click-through and conversion rate, or the lowest cost per acquisition. It is thus extremely sensible to trust numbers before making a final choice of copy. Here, you also need to understand the importance of AdWords Ad Extensions. Sitelink, Call out, Structured snippet, ratings and location extensions are the most common extensions that every AdWords users use in their campaigns. This extensions often increases CTR, Conversions, Clicks and Converion Rate so use them wisely.


In above ad copy you will find the maximum use of Ad Extensions which drives some useful information for the users hence the chances of clicks and conversions are high.

If the holiday sales are near by than you should set up your campaigns before one month with various ad copies. After setting up the campaigns within 1 or 2 weeks you will come to know that which kind of ad copies are working well for holiday campaigns and on the bases of that you can make necessary changes in it.

#4 Not knowing your customers Life Time Value:

Calculating the LTV for your customers is an integral part of your research to understand how much you can spend on Adwords per acquisition. By calculating this value you can decide how much to spend on your campaign. The Life time value should not be lower than the cost per customer for your campaign especially for an ecommerce business. If your customer stays with you longer that eventually the initial cost may be sensible. Kissmetrics blog provided detailed calculation of Life Time Value represented in Infographic on their blog.

#5 Not understanding the Adwords advance features:

Although the basic campaign set-up is easy yet they require various small setting to make it run better. It is up to you to educate yourself about the use of those features so as to get more results for the same money. Some of the helpful options are AdGroups, Ad targeting, Match types, Keyword insertion and Ad Extensions.

I strongly recommend keep reviewing new and advance features announced by Google Adwords team. They are really working hard to offer best Adwords features that can maximize your business using their tool.

#6 Not using Google Analytics with Adwords:

One of the most powerful marketing tools, Google Analytics is there for you at no extra cost. Connecting your AdWords conversion tracking to your Google Analytics can help you see all kinds of data that your campaign is generating. Google Analytics provides you the product performance report specially for ecommerce business which helps them to make AdWords strategies for particular products or product category.

Google AdWords blog also explained earlier that combining Google AdWords & Analytics can open huge opportunity for advertisers to achieve their goals.

Please note that, this is not a mandatory to use but if implemented properly, you can have a better data to understand customer’s behavior. This can directly impact your marketing strategy and can improve overall performance for sure.

#7 Not directing the Traffic to the category or highly relevant page:

The unique landing pages help the searcher connect easily with the information they seek, and this is much convenient for them rather than landing on your homepage where they have to struggle with finding what they came to your site for.

For an ecommerce site, it is a good idea to send people directly to the product page, bypassing the homepage and the category pages.

There is one added advantage of landing them on highly targeted page is to have a better Quality Score! Google adrank is defined based on your Quality score + bidding and having better QS can result in lower CPC.

#8 Not Testing the Optimal Ad Position for branding:

Positioning is important if your goal is to improve branding. It is obvious that the first few search results get more clicks and if getting clicks is your goal then do ensure you are on the top of the page but if your goal is conversion then your ad content will work for you.

One more important factor of branding in AdWords is that you shouldn’t ignore your own brand while running the campaigns. Yes, you need to run Ads on your own brand keywords. If your business is slowly achieving the goals and people come to know about your business after some time than they will directly search on Google by your business name. But, if you are not running ads on your brand keywords and some competitor grabs this opportunity than you will loose huge business.

buffer-vs-hootsuiteSo, don’t make this mistakes while running AdWords account and make sure your first campaign will be your brand campaign.

#9 Not knowing your competitors:

When you know who are you competing against and what ads are they using you are well equipped to build a strategy for yourself.  It is important to know your competitors keywords and their landing pages to modify yours.


If you want to sustain in the market and keep improving your business than you must focus on competitors. Above report is fetched from ispionage which gives detailed report of your competitor like how much they are spending, which ppc keywords they are using and many more. Even in Google AdWords you can check Auction Insights report where you will find how other advertisers participating in the same shopping auctions. It gives you valuable insights for your Google ads account.

#10 For eCommerce – Avoiding Shopping Ads is a biggest mistake:

If you are an eCommerce brand and not running a Shopping ads, you are loosing great business opportunity. Shopping ads has a great importance for an eCommerce and this case study is a great example of it.

As explained in first section, you will have a great benefits of using shopping ads:

  • Only eCommerce portal can run shopping ads (less competition)
  • Your ad will appear with product image / ratings / price and other additional information. This can give you added advantage over search ads.
  • You can use various promotions (through Google merchant center, you can run promotion that will be displayed under your product ads). Better way to increase CTR.

Apart from this, there are various benefits of using Google shopping ads which is already explained in given article.

Over to you:

Just check the given mistakes and review your Google ads account to see whether your team is making these mistakes? These are very basic points but can really save your money and can improve the performance of your adwords account.

If you still need any help, feel free to contact us here by comment or through our contact us page. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Key Advantages of Running Shopping Ads [Google and Bing]

Are you an eCommerce business owner and looking for some extra push on generating revenue? This article is for you.

E-commerce is a highly flourishing business off late where millions of customers across the globe are shopping via internet sites rather than hitting stores physically. With increasing demands, more and more numbers of e-commerce sites are being created and launched on the web. As per the research, eCommerce sales in US is expected to grow more than $400 billion by 2018. Forrester research estimating $414.0 billion and eMarketer is estimating $491.5 billion eCommerce sales in 2018.

ecommerce sales 2018(Source: eMarketer, Forrester Research)

Does your eCommece marketing strategy is ready to acquire this ever increasing sales? To acquire this growing market, it is very important to implement few basic yet effective and new marketing channels. Product listing ads is one of such channel having various key advantages over other marketing channels we will discuss in this article. Search engines like Google and Bing are few of the top places from where you can start promoting your products through shopping campaigns. As per Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q4 2015, Google PLA clicks has increased by 62% & Bing product ads clicks are increased by 91% Y/Y.

Paid search click data
While managing paid marketing campaigns of big brands and controlling around $4K daily budget, I found Shopping ads are more effective for an eCommerce brand as compare to other type of ads.

On an average, cost per conversion of shopping campaign is around 30% down as compare to search ads campaign.

Though running PLA ads might need some technical expertise on the part of the marketer, yet it is more effective for the business when ROI is considered. As I have already discussed more about PLA, in this article we mainly focuses on advantages and will share what expert has to say about product listing ads. Here we go!

Main Advantages of Running Shopping ads on Google or Bing

As we all knows, Google and Bing are the two most widely used search engines across the globe has over 85% market share combine. Keeping this fact in mind, initially we should focus on these two platforms. Each has its own advantages but here we will discuss few common advantages their shopping campaign offers:

#1 Multiple Campaign Management with Better Control

Managing shopping campaigns is an art as all products will be fetched in shopping campaign simultaneously. Here you can categorize products by adgroups and labels depending upon your requirement. Even you can create different campaigns for different set of products and control the campaign specific ad serving. When you are running a business campaign, you are doing the same with some purpose. Therefore it is obvious that with better control of the campaign, you can do better. With the Campaign Priority setting, which is available in Google as well as Bing, it is possible to set preferences as which campaign should precede the other. Ads from high priority campaigns will get priority during serving. With custom labels, tagging of products can be done in a structured manner.

How to set campaign priority in Google shopping campaign?

Adwords shopping campaign setting

Follow below steps to set priority for shopping campaign in Google adwords:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Go to the Settings tab of the campaign you want to edit.
  3. Select Shopping settings (advanced).
  4. Next to “Campaign priority,” click Edit.
  5. Select the priority setting you want: “Low” (this is the default), “Medium,” or “High.”
  6. Click Save.

Mostly the steps will be same for Bing shopping campaign too.

#2 Highly Optimized for Product Specific Marketing

With Google or Bing Shopping campaign, it is possible to have specific performance information on every product. When complete product inventory is provided directly in Google AdWords or Bing ads account, the campaigns can be structured as per categories and product groups (that can be managed while creating shopping feed file) so that marketers have higher control and focus on the bidding strategies. Great emphasis is laid on the products, which are categorized in different manners. Product groups can be created based on custom labels, brand, type of product, condition and so on. A single product group might have a Shopping Campaign running against it.

See below screenshot from Google adwords shopping campaign where product groups are devided based on Custom label 0. You can control negative keywords, bidding or even targeting for each adgroups that can be categorized by specified product groups you create.

select product group

#3 Better Access to Competitive Metrics

The main target of running Shopping Campaigns is not only to increase sales of the products, it is also helps to get a thorough insight into the competitive market. With Google and Bing shopping campaigns; marketers have clear insight into the competitive market and landscape. It is possible to understand competitive data like benchmark CTR, benchmark CPC, search impression share etc.

Here is the brief about each competitive metrics mentioned above:

Benchmark CTR: The benchmark clickthrough rate (CTR) tells you how other advertisers’ Product Listing Ads for similar products are performing based on how often people who see their ad end up clicking on it.
If your PLA ad CTR is much lower than benchmark CTR, you can work on optimizing title, description, image and other visible data to improve the CTR of your ads in Google search result.

Benchmark Max. CPC: The benchmark maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) tells you how other advertisers are bidding on similar products.

Search Impression Share: Search impression share is the impressions you’ve received on the search network divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.

Based on various data it displays, it is easier to create better strategies and take vital marketing decisions.

#4 Easy to Integrate with Your Adwords or Bing Shopping Campaign

Few years back when PLA was introduced, product extensions were needed so that the campaign could be linked duly with the product catalog from merchant account. But after implementation of Shopping Campaigns, there is no need of any kind of product extension. This is because in Shopping Campaign, the catalog is automatically linked as a part while the campaign is being set up. You can create separate shopping campaign (which is already available in both Adwords & Bing Ads account) and link your merchant account directly from there. Here is the brief information on setting up Google & Bing shopping campaign.

Bing Shopping Campaign:

Bing PLA setup

Official guide on setting up Bing shopping campaign: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/33581/how-to-set-up-a-bing-shopping-campaign

Google Adwords Shopping Campaign:

Checkout below official video guide on setting up adwords shopping campaign.

#5 Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Performance data is the crucial part for any marketing strategies. Both the platforms provide nice reporting facility to view the performance of your campaign. You can view performance data by product attribute or directly the product depending upon your requirement. Performance metrics are generally associated with an individual item and not with a product group. It is possible to segment and filter data as per product attributes. These are inclusive of Google product type, product brand, product category, product condition, custom labels and product id.

Checkout below official video by Google adwords explaining advanced reporting feature of their shopping campaign:

If you found any product not performing well in shopping campaign then don’t panic, you can change that products bid individually too. Yes, it is possible for large catalog too. First identify and list out the products along with its product group which are not performing well. Later go to that product group and sub-group the products which are not performing well and increase or decrease bid depending upon your requirement.

product group Google adword

Apart from these, shopping ads also offers various advantages to sellers. To discuss this point in more details, I approached few experts from digital marketing industry having good experience in managing shopping campaigns for their clients or their own eCommerces business. Here are their views on shopping ads advantages:

Jane Dizon (Digital Marketer)

Jane Dizon is a digital marketer at RoadHolland.com and having vast experience in selling stylish cycling apparel and accessories online via Shopify.

One advise I’d like to give to vendors using shopify is using a manual feed instead of the Google Shopping app. The app, in fairness, is easy to use but has a lot of limitations especially to product variations. If you sell single items, you could give it a try, but if you sell products in varying colours and sizes, then stick to the manual feed. BUT if you’re dealing with thousands of products, then it wouldn’t be realistic managing that manually, so I recommend investing on a great data feed management service like GoDataFeed. Basically, one of the advantages of doing Products Listings Ads on GShopping is you’re exposing your products on users with the intent of purchasing. With the comprehensive attributions, the search results are tailor-made to what the user is looking for. You are targeting and catering the right audience for your products.

I sent few question to Jane and here is the feedback i received:

You mentioned about hurdle; according to you, which is the most challenging hurdle while setting up shopping campaign?
For me, it’s always the initial stage. When you start doing Google Shopping, you don’t see much results at first. That’s discouraging. You should be patient and keen to experiment on different strategies because it takes time before you see the results you want

We have seen, mobile bids adjustment is the crucial part to control ad spend. How do you manage mobile bid adjustment?
We follow a formula:

(Value per mobile click/Value per desktop and tablet click) – 1 * 100

Where value is total revenue per device/total number of clicks on that device.

Do you use any tools to manager and generate shopping feed? Which is your favorite tool?

Currently, we don’t use a tool since our product catalog is small and can be managed manually. But before, when I had a client that has thousands of products, we used GoDataFeed and it worked wonders.

According to Vipin who is digital marketing manager at Acodez, the key advantages of running shopping campaign are:

#1 Retail Centric Campaign Management

Shopping campaigns are retail centric that means you can place your top selling product in-front of online customer as we do in retail store. If you are using Google Shopping you can easily review and manage your own inventory. You can bid for specific product, sub categories or even categories. with Google Shopping campaign you can avoid highly manual process.

#2 More Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Shopping campaigns provide you highly accurate reporting capabilities, which you may not get through you store reporting. You can track how well your products are performing based upon size, sku, color, etc.

#3 Track Your Competitors at Every Turn

You can see benchmark data, CPC and CTR of other advertisers for similar products so you can make your own competitors analysis and act according to it.

#4 Analyze the Future

You can check out the bidding rates at which your ads will performs you can use Bid simulator to track your performance based on your bidding amount. By this you can get some extra clicks by applying a small amount of increase in your bidding.

#5 Re-marketing Campaign

Re-marketing is one of the best options for shopping campaigns; here you can re-target the person who has searched for a particular product with best available price for this same product and can display ads with similar product. This feature is known as dynamic Re-marketing.

For those who are not aware of re-targetting / remarketing can follow this step-by-step guide by Neil Patel.

I also got a chance to speak with Pamela Wagner, a former Googler and now owner of an agency. According to her, the key advantages of shopping campaign are:

  1. Easy to set up in Google AdWords
  2. Especially good for branding purposes: being seen counts almost more than being clicked on.
  3. Once you set it up and have crossed the first hurdle, it basically runs on its own. One only needs to adjust the negative keywords every now and then, and eventually work with the mobile and ad scheduling bid adjustment. So, this means there is very low maintenance if you have set up the right updating system for the feed.
  4. Great optimization opportunities in terms of ad groups and sorting products in many different ways: brands, types, custom label, etc.

Then I asked few specific questions to Pamela and here is her reply:

According to you, which is the most challenging hurdle while setting up shopping campaign?
Getting the feed right. A lot of people really struggle the feed and don’t know that Google actually offers a really good instruction on their support page.

Do you use any tools to manager and generate shopping feed? Which is your favorite tool?
My favorite is still a simple excel sheet. (Though I haven’t worked yet with too complex feeds)

As you can clearly understand from their reply, shopping ads offers great advantages for an eCommerce brand and one should definitely go for it. Before i complete the article, here is my conclusion i compiled based on my research and feedback received from experts.


In the ever dynamic world of internet marketing, strategies keep on changing. Marketers also keep on implementing one strategy after another and check out which work best for the business. As per the research I shared at beginning of the post clearly revealed that among the different online marketing strategies, product listing ads played vital role in eCommerce business promotion and its click share continued to outpace search in January 2016, accounting for 52% of total clicks versus search at 48%. And this is because we should never ignore this opportunity that may change your business forever.

The implementation of Google and Bing shopping campaigns might seem little difficult in the beginning, but once you done with the set up; they are sure to bring exceptionally great results. The e-commerce platforms are sure to leverage the new marketing tactic to get best results.

For any help or assistance, you can always write me here by comment or contact with your query. I will get back to you within 24 hours for sure!

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