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Have you Optimized Your Google AdWords Account with these 4 New Features?

Google adwords optimization is not just a process but it is an art! If you are not optimizing your account regularly, you will end up looking potential business and tremendous market share. Recently, Google unveiled a bunch of new AdWords features to aid you with a stellar performance in every single paid search campaigns. Today, we will quickly take you into every detail to put these highly functional features at work. Here we go!

Higher CTR with Promotion Extensions:

Since the launch of AdWords, usage of ad headlines and description has been imposed on us. Not anymore! We have seen discussion about AdWords promotion extension back in May while it was still in the nascent stage. Google has finally pronounced them to advertisers.

Promotion extensions allows advertisers to add monetary and percentage discount into their text ads. Promotion extension is a true blessing for the business offering great discount on their products. Now they can highlight the offers directly on their search ad copy. It will not only improve the CTR but also improve the overall conversion rate by driving more relevant audiences.

For instance, imagine the scenario; you are selling soaps in your locality. The soaps are natural and handmade with love in so many varieties to choose from. Instead of having a season specified ad to share your discounted sale, add a standard extension to your account like;

Promotion experience within the new AdWord Experience.

promotion-extension-adwordsThis is going to get your ad popping up on a search engine. As a result, the sale is going to reach new heights with a magnitude in price. There are a few add-on benefits to this.

It lets you keep your sale and promotions updated without having to interfere with your ad copy. The headlines and descriptions can be used to amplify ad relativity. This also means that you do not have to start from scratch to improve the site’s visibility factor. Both means that boosting your seasonal sale on the search engine doesn’t happen at the cost of compromised quality scores and Increased cost per click.

Google adwords promotion extension also helps in maintaining your headline intact. Instead of letting “hurry up!!” go in place of “buy one, get 40% off on another”, you’ve got the room for both.

Test the ad performance with Ad variants:

Talking about ad copy adjustments, Google lets you test those variants as a whole.

Anybody who manages PPC projects, loves to do A/B testing to improve the performance of client’s account. Uploading several copies of the ad in which one component is changed and rolled against to determine its effectiveness has been a pain. With Google Ad Variants, this job is going to be a cakewalk. Ad Variations are simply multiple version of ads for single product or services which are based on same set of keywords. Ad Variation is good feature to check many Ad versions to test which one is working well for targeted customers.

If you are already exploiting the power of the new AdWords Experience, you already know your way to the new Ad variation Tab. If you don’t know then follow below process.

  • Sign in to AdWords Account
  • Select Drafts & Experiments from left menu bar
  • Go to Ad Variations tab

adwords-ad-variationsWithin the same interface, you can:

  • Find and replace certain words in your Ads.
  • Update the whole text components.
  • Reverse your headlines

I mostly opt for the last one where you can play with the captions to improve ad relevance and force your potential customers to respond.

In case you decide to run the Ad variant, carefully watch the experiment split section tucked at the bottom of the third step. The most important task of assigning start and end dates are also here.

Experiment Split means the proportion of your ad campaign’s budget that’s administered to the variations and proportions of auctions your modifications incapable of participating in. If you only want to play around with a small part of your advertising budget, manage the split accordingly.

Custom Intent Audiences:

The display network can seem like a bit of gamble at times. Without limiting or altering your ad placements, your creative banner is overlooked in the middle of junks that are meant only to channel a bit of money to industrious basement dwellers.

This is not an issue when it comes to remarketing as previous actions may still be present in front of them irrespective of all the trash.

How many of us have always wondered if there were any methods to reach those people who were still looking out for what only you could do?

Here it is!

adwords-custom-intent-audienceTip – Custom Intent Audience is only available for Google Display Network

According to Google, custom intent audiences use ” machine learning technology to analyze the campaigns that are present and auto create custom intent audiences…based on the most searched keywords and URL’s found in those contents that people surf while researching a given product or service” Ones did, these novice audiences will become a part of your existing display network audience.

For instance, these are entirely a few examples of auto-created custom intent audiences that have come up in our account.

In short, Google uses data from your AdWords campaigns, website, and YouTube to conclude what you are selling, then cross-reference that against humanity to auto-generate new, potential audiences. This sort of audience creation channels Googles towards Facebook- kind, the audience-centered method of focusing the display network.

As an addition to this sort of Skynet- created targeting options, you can create your custom intent audiences using a combo of URLs and Keywords.

Remarketing the audiences via Gmail:

Yes, it is not possible to target the audiences by displaying the dynamic advertisement of the product which he / she recently explored. As most of the people having gmail account and re-targetting them will give you one more channel to acquire highly targeted audiences.

gmail marketing

Google’s has named it as “an immersive shopping experience” in your client’s inboxes. I’m calling it “god sent”. If you are someone who is consistently on the look-out to reach the prospects straightaway during the most significant shopping days around the year, then this is for you. OLBUZ team personally experienced high CTR from Gmail Ads in past for various clients so we can recommend to use Gmail remarketing for eCommerce business with smaller budget first to test the performance.

Above features will surely help business owners to boost leads, conversions and sales but if they use them wisely. Every business has different strategies and to find right one contact OLBUZ team to analyze your AdWords account to boost your business.

Google Adwords Express – A True Blessing for Small Business Owners

For small business owners looking to gain through local advertising, Google has launched an adwords express few years back. To make this program more users friendly, Google adwords express team keep including new features. If you are a small business and want advertise through Google adwords, this tool can be your best companion. This new addition comes in as a result of many small business owners avoiding the use of the traditional Adwords due to its complexity. The new Adwords Express is simple to set up and can be hosted quickly to enjoy the benefits of online advertising. The tool doesn’t require daily review and management and as such caters to the limited resources of a small business or start up.

Google adwords express is the best tool if you want to advertise your business locally. You can easily promote your brand, services with easy to use features available in Adwords express described below.

Features of Google Adwords Express

  1. Local business: This feature has been integrated to work with Google Places wherein your advertisement will pop up in any search query made within targeted region of your store.
  2. Google Places: If you own a physical store and do not own a website, don’t worry. Local businesses don’t necessarily need a website to use Google adwords express. The traffic from the SERPs is guided to the Google+ business page. Alternatively, you also have the option to link your website to the Google Adwords Express account.
  3. Automatic Keywording: Google automatically assigns the top keywords associated with the business category. If you are engaged in more than one business you can also have more number of ads.
  4. Map Search: Advertisements get synced with Google Maps making it easier for customers to reach out to you. Your customer can easily locate your business with the help of map search and can use guided navigation to reach your business without hassle.
  5. Search PPC: Similar to regular Google Adwords, advertisements through Adwords Express too show up in SERPs but you pay just for the clicks.
  6. Mobile Search: Advertisement shows up in SERPs regardless of the device; laptop, smart phones, tablets or any other device. You prospect can see your advertisement with your mobile numbers and can directly call you from there. It will increase the opportunity to improve the call-to-conversion of your advertisement.
  7. Coupons: Google Adwords Express allows you to promote coupons in your Google Places Page. You can easily promote different offers, coupons and discount to your target audiences with the help of this feature.
  8. Full Ad: The Google Adwords Express advertisements will include all necessary details including ad headline and contact information like business address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and a blue map that helps pin the ad on Google Map.

Adwords express the best product for small local businesses or first time advertisers who never tried Google adwords before. It offers some unique easy to use features that don’t require daily monitoring and management. Here are some unique advantages of Adwords express for small businesses.

Small business cycle shopAdvantages of Google Adwords Express for Small Businesses

  1. Ad campaign is set up and automatically managed by Google, and there is little customization that you need to do. Does not require expertise in Google adwords. If you are first time adwords users and doesn’t know how it works; adwords express will help you to try paid advertisement opportunity without hiring an online marketing agency.
  2. Deploying Google Adwords Express can be immediately followed by serving advertisements to all potential customers.
  3. Small businesses don’t necessarily need a website to drive in traffic. If you are having physical store, you need to create Google local business listing and the audience will be guided to the relevant Google Places Page from an advertisement.
  4. The monthly budget is highly flexible and can be changed whenever deemed necessary. You can keep them as per your requirement and can increase or decrease depending upon ROI you are generating.
  5. Google automatically takes up the responsibility to serve ads in the local market, such that the ones who click are true potential buyers. Based on information you provides, adwords express will manage the advertisement display.

Google Adwords Express is really fast and simple way to promote your local business and brand in the internet. True that Adwords Express doesn’t come with all the features one would find with Google Adwords, the ones that do exist serve all the needs of a small business. Also, businesses can choose to switch from the Google Adwords Express version to the more powerful Google Adwords version whenever they want.

Major difference between Google Adwords & Adwords Express:

Adwords express is the easy to go product for the small businesses and first time adwords advertiser. You don’t require a website and Google will automatically show your ads in Google search, Google maps and their partner website. You will not require managing campaign as it will be automatically optimized by Google adwords express. There are limited features available for small businesses and you will have to use Google adwords to use all those advance features.

Adwords is the best tool for businesses who want to promote their products or services beyond local targeting. You can advertise nationally and internationally by selecting specific keywords, advertisement and location. You will have all advance features in which you can create multiple adgourps with your own keywords and advertisement. You can get detailed report and will have other advance tools to manage your campaign. If you have an eCommerce website and want to advertise your products, you can use Google shopping campaign by integrating your merchant feed with Google adwords.


If you are a small local business and want to manage your adwords advertising in-house, adwords express is the best tool for you. For other businesses that need to expand the reach with advance targeting should definitely go for Google adwords. You can always get expert advice and solution from Google adwords partner like us.

Should you have any query or need assistance in setting up Google adwords express or adwords campaign, do write us. Our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesbondsv/

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