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Parental Control Software Product Marketing Case Study – 380% Growth from Google AdWords

At OLBUZ, we take every project very seriously whether it’s a small brand or large enterprises. Earlier we have shared case study of Jewelry ecommerce business where we increased their business revenue by 113% by optimizing their paid marketing campaigns effectively on Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

In this case study, we will talk about one of our software product client offers parental control and child monitoring software. Here you will learn about how we helped them to achieve 86% growth in organic traffic and 380% growth in conversions generated from Google AdWords by keeping their spend as it is!

Project Introduction

In March 2017, one software product company approached us to boost their business with the help of organic search marketing and Paid Marketing activities. Their main product was one of the popular Parental Control Software with good existing customer base. It is globally available parental monitoring software with strong brand who were seeking boost in their business and revenue.

The software is a powerful asset in the arsenal of parents to ensure the nurturing growth of their children. It helps the parents in protecting their kids from the dangers looming online by tracking each and every activity on kid’s Android smartphone.

The list of features that come with Parental monitoring software is quite diverse. It includes live panel monitoring, SMS monitoring, and social-media messaging apps monitoring. This Parental monitoring application also provides parents the ability to track the whereabouts of their kids in real time.

The statistics reveal that Parental monitoring software provides protection to 470,000 children with a parental satisfaction rate of 93%. The satisfaction rate of mothers is 95%.

After analyzing their business report we can say that their product was getting good business, but their market-share was still very less as compared to their competitors. Their main goal was to increase their business in terms of traffic, customer base and revenue.

Initial Challenges

The first step for OLBUZ team was to understand the software/product and how it works. We have seen many companies who just start doing activities without understanding the website or business of clients.

OLBUZ took its first step by performing a thorough analysis of the client’s website. Various attributes like SEO strategies, rankings of the keywords, SEO structure, backlinks, and paid marketing strategies were evaluated during the analysis. As the product was catering monitoring activities, we have also worked to understand the legality of tracking the child private data. We have also consulted with the client about legality of the products to understand law and regulation of the countries where the product was available to use.

As a result, the underlying challenges were identified:-

Website structure: The first glance revealed that the title and content embedded in the website didn’t go hand in hand. Internal linking lacked the required efficiency, and the site was plagued with 301 and 302 redirects. A proper call to action for the users to engage with was absent as well. The landing page of the website lacked the targeted keywords as well as anchor links. Meta tags and a meta-description were required to be included in major pages.

Content: The content displayed on the website needed a fair amount of improvement. The features page completely missed out on crucial details of the product. Some of the key features of Parental monitoring application were not talked about at all. The blog lacked articles that would engage the users. An absence of guest articles further provided room for course correction. The overall content marketing of the website needed certain tweaks and adjustments.

Challenges Associated With Paid Marketing:

(date range – 1st June 2016 to 31st Mar 2017)

The client were already promoting the product through Google adwords search ads campaign. The cost per conversion was around (369 Rs.) and the conversion rate was also bit low. The lack of a higher conversion rate nullified the justification associated with it’s high cost. The ad campaigns as well as Ad copies lacked optimization. All in all, the paid marketing did more harm than good and brought down the whole landing page experience by a notch. OLBUZ’s primary task was to increase the conversions rate at low cost/conversions by optimizing their campaigns structure. We have also worked to understand the actual landing page experience and bounce rate with the help of Google anlytics data.

Opportunities /Activities Conducted

OLBUZ took the subsequent steps under the purview of the analysis that is detailed above. A proper strategy was created to overcome the challenges that came into light after going through various aspects of the website. The following list of opportunities was created:-

Search Engine Optimization: The challenges in the SEO of the website were overcome by taking little steps in all the directions where they were required. OLBUZ took up the complete keyword research and completed it in the required fashion. We have also done detailed On-site optimization recommendation and sent complete step by step changes to client. The overall website structure was improved and all the broken links went under proper repairs. During SEO activities we make sure that existing organic rankings should not be hampered else new changes won’t help us.

We are strictly following Google webmaster guidelines and hence we never do any off page optimization activities that harm our clients. To acquire natural links to our client website, we immediately started focusing on content building that helps clients to earn highly relevant links.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is very important part of the improvements implemented by OLBUZ. After the detailed analysis of the content on the website, a proper strategy was implemented in order to overcome the detected shortcomings. The whole content of the features page were written with detailed information. A detailed article was published on the Parental monitoring website’s blog every month subsequent to the analysis. The analysis of the website traffic revealed that Quora generated a lot of traffic on the website. To further strengthen the traffic flow from that source, answers were posted on Quora.

Our content team scheduled series of meeting to understand client’s prospect customer’s queries. We have listed out various challenges being faced by prospect and started working to build detailed content on such topics. It really helped us to improve the organic visibility of client’s brand and acquired natural backlinks from some highly reputed content.

Social Media: In the era of the Internet, social media is the greatest platform available to promote content and spread the positive word about a given product. OLBUZ worked on enhancing the social media engagement of Parental monitoring software and began posting on different sites on behalf of the client. The key sites targeted were Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more. In another bid to boost the rankings of the website, social signals were sent to Google as well. An intense social media marketing effort was made to bump up Parental monitoring software’s recognition on social media platforms.

Competitor Research: OLBUZ also conducted competitor backlink analysis and thereby formulated a strategy to deal with the competition. Our outreach were planned accordingly. Getting to know about the backlinks of the competitors was considered an important action as it allowed OLBUZ to figure out exactly how they were able to generate traffic. Subsequently, legal replication of competitor backlinks was conducted by outreaching respective publications with our products and services. A golden links database was generated in the end. The main motto behind competitor audience is to find how competitor finds their targeted audience and how we can achieve it too.

Google AdWords Optimization:

We are providing Google AdWords mangement services since last decade and for this account, we started optimizing the account from the scratch. An altogether new strategy was adopted in order to make the most out of paid marketing campaign. By making note of the bidding scheme, it was found out where the largest chunk of the budget was being used. New Ad Copies were optimized for use as well. A display advertisement campaign was started that created new opportunities for the growth of the website. Negative keywords were added to the embedded ad campaigns. Furthermore, the scope of the target audience was increased. More and more countries were the product was provided by client were targeted.

Apart from this we have used the maximum resources of Google AdWords like Ad Scheduling feature,  Location bidding, Ad extensions including sitelink and call out extension etc. OLBUZ team loves to read about Google AdWords updates and the team adopted new Google AdWords features easily and implemented on various projects time to time.

Project Outcomes

All the above-mentioned opportunities were exploited for a prolonged period of 6 to 7 months but results were started to show after 3 months only. It was identified that satisfactory results were achieved after the implementation of OLBUZ’s suggested strategy. The positive impact is still evident.

The following benefits were readily visible:-

  • The ranking of Parental monitoring application on targeted keywords witnessed an improvement in SEMRush tool.


  • The percentage increase in conversion turned out to be 1000%. All of it was facilitated by an organic source.

  • The percentage increase in the organic traffic was monitored to be 86%.
  • Amazing improvement in Bounce Rate, Pages/Session and Avg. Session Duration attributes as well
  • Analysis of competition resulted in the generation of organic backlinks.
  • As of result of the increased engagement, organic reviews were also generated.
  • The overall recognition of Parental monitoring application went up a notch which escalated its status and made it a well-known brand among to the parents.
  • Content marketing worked very nice and it still sending organic traffic.
  • Referral traffic is also increased – 181% Traffic increased from Quora

Google AdWords Output

As we mentioned earlie, our primary goal was to increase the conversions from Google AdWords at lowest cost per conversion possible and we have achieved it. Here is the outcome.

  • Conversions increased by 380%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 68% – Earlier cost per conversion was 370 Rs. which we decreased to 118 Rs and that’s quite an achievement
  • Avg. CPC decreased by 50%
  • Conversion rate increased from 1.84% to 2.85%

Next Steps

  • Currently we are also working to increase market share by testing different paid marketing platforms like Facebook Ads.
  • The Cost Per Conversion in AdWords needs to be decreased even further.
  • The scope of the target audience needs to be widened even more. A bigger number of new countries will be targeted.
  • Content Marketing will take an aggressive approach. All the prevailing shortcomings will be uprooted.


Parental monitoring software’s website underwent a rigorous analysis routine that enabled OLBUZ to identify various loopholes residing in different aspects of the website’s design. After the formulation of a proper action plan, the necessary steps were taken which resulted in the above-mentioned improvements. Subsequently, after improving the website for a stipulated period of time, further improvements were suggested. An action plan exists to aid in taking the required steps. Overall, OLBUZ’s engagement with the website of Parental monitoring software turned out to be a successful endeavor for both the parties involved.

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