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iOS (iPhone & iPad) Applications Development

OLBUZ iPhone Applications Development Services

OLBUZ presents itself as a leading iOS app development company in the face of the growing demand for professional and quality applications. There are several reasons why clients look up to us for their iOS app development.


iPhone Mobile Apps

Quality iPhone mobile applications compatible with all devices

iPad Mobile Apps

Eye catching and impressive graphic designs

By the third quarter of 2014, Apple had already sold above 800 million devices and gained 130 million new users, the best statistics for any year. The 800 million devices included 500 million iPhones, 200 million iPads and 100 million iPods. 97% of Apple users had already updated to the new iOS7 OS. The popularity of iPhones and iPad has especially been high among business users. The iPhone is a more widely purchased product by businessmen and corporate. According to reports, Apple deployed more than 90% of its business apps in the third quarter of 2014. This brings us to the growing importance of iOS app development. As such, the numbers of smart phone app users is greater than number of web users today. For business, it has become highly important to make their presence in the iOS devices since it will be the most convenient medium for potential clients, customers and business users.

Why Choose OLBUZ?


Developing iOS apps for global clients

At OLBUZ, we have been developing iOS applications for clients across a range of industries including IT, finance, medical, publishing, telecommunication, games, utility and others.

Creating apps for small, medium and large business

Our extensive experience allows us to create customized services for all types of businesses, regardless of their presence in the markets. New and small businesses can especially benefit from a presence in the iOS store. We make sure that you get noticed.

100% work output

Our extensive team works its heart out to create satisfying solutions. We prioritize quality and have always been able to deliver on agreed deadlines.

Works on client’s demands

Client is the best person what his/her app is meant to do. Consequently our development process relies extensively on client feedback at each step.

Gives 100% return on investment

The popularity of iOS applications among businesses is not without reason. Further, we make sure that you are able to stand out in the crowd and meet all your expectations if not more.

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