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Android Application Development

OLBUZ Android Applications Development Services

Are you planning to make your presence felt in the Android marketplace, OLBUZ has the right credentials to help out.


Android Mobile Apps

User friendly and innovative Android Apps for all devices

In the third quarter of 2014, Android claimed 84% of the smart phone OS market share. More than 283 million units were sold by September 2014 and the growth continues over the last quarter. Thanks to a range of smartphones developed on android OS, there were more than 1 billion android users by June 2014. Coming to the usage, the Android Play Store hosted more than 1,300,000 apps by July 2014 and the number has substantially grown since then. All these statistics just point out to how popular the Android OS has become in recent years. For businesses, it means that if they aren’t present in the Play Store marketplace, they have certainly been missing out on huge amounts of traffic and revenues. Triggered by the demand for Android OS, android app development has been crucial for both large and small businesses.

Why OLBUZ is a recommended solution?


Well, we are unlike several other Android developers that have been promising client’s success. Our competitive advantage lies in:

An experienced Android development team

At the core, OLBUZ is all about app development. We aren’t just passionate about our job but have the right experience to present you a feasible solution. Every member in our development comes with extensive experience in all niches of app development inclusive of industries like IT, medical, finance, publishing, entertainment, utility, games and others.

Understanding frequent updates of Android

Smart phone OS’s keep on updating and improving and subsequently, every application present in the Play Store need to maintain the higher standards. We at OLBUZ are through with every update that Google brings into the Android OS and will be able to provide our clients with the most updated solutions.

Ability to complete client’s requirements and expectations

We aren’t just about promises. Our long list of clientele will just show how we have fared in all these years of app development service. Our developers guarantee that you will get an app that meets your expectations and more.

Android Mobile App development by OLBUZ

Good understanding of Android app development process: As already said our developers come with extensive experience from a range of industries and have proven expertise.
Design, Develop, Test, and Launch: Before we actually serve out the pallet, OLBUZ ensures that the app is ready to be used by your customers and clients. It is important to note that even minor mistakes in your app interface can question your credibility. We don’t want a disappointed client.
User friendly mobile apps: App development is all about extending the business to the end users in a way that they feel comfortable and convenient. All our apps are user friendly and are developed after through research of your target market/user base.
Research and analysis of app development: Before our developer actually sit for coding your app; we like to do our own intensive research into what will make the product stand out in the crowd.
Apply new and innovative ideas to make apps more effective: Even with common app genres, we make sure that your app stands out in look, functionality and promise.
Develop apps for different categories: Our developers would like to take on any Android app development project you may have, regardless of the industry.

Apart from the above advantages that OLBUZ provides its clients, we keep our rates to the minimum. While good work requires to be well paid, we make sure that our clients are comfortable in making their investment.

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